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Huawei Service Tool v5 Latest Free Download

Feature Of  Huawei Service Tool v5

Huawei Service Tool v5 Free Download | Need TOKEN NUMBER FOR ACCESS THE TOOL FUNCTION

  • Download the comprehensive Huawei Full Code online services
  • tool Extracting and flashing Huawei ROM software from Fast Boot
  • Huawei UPDATE.APP extracting and flashing tools from Fast Boot
  • along with training on using online support
  • Full proprietary Full Code tool made for Huawei

  • You will only be given a token to use this tool if you have purchased the full code online service.
  • Use this tool only with full code support tips after purchase. (Otherwise, you will get in trouble)

In the Huawei online service, we explained to you that first we unlock the bootloader of your phone and then we activate the access permission to flash all the ROM partitions of the fast boot. 

Note that unlocking the fast boot alone will not solve your problem and you must use our service to activate the fast boot license and then you can flash all parts of the ROM completely. 

We have created this tool for your convenience. To use it, simply extract the UPDATE.APP ROM file and then flash it on the fast boot with the push of a button. Follow us to see the tutorial of this tool.


  • Redesign and optimize tools
  • Add ADB section
  • Display software / hardware / network / battery information in ADB mode
  • Add reboot capability to bootloader / recovery / system in ADB mode
  • Add Persian language capability to Huawei devices
  • Add smart information display section in fastboot
  • Add bootloader and FRP unlock section by unlocking code
  • Add single partition burn section in fastboot and select file from the user system
  • Add complete hard drive / region / version / model / vendor country / memory
  • Add the Flash section as a supplement and flash the CUST & PRELOAD files
  • Support for unblocking 810 and 990 chips in the new update
  • Unblock support for Helio devices in the new update (requires bootloader unlock)
  • Add file section of regions in a separate tab and select based on chipset/model / region
  • Add the file burn section of the dedicated full code areas to the file provided if it is not in the list of program areas
  • Add the ability to delete FRP and Huawei ID to Android 10 by the program and after connecting to the server in test point mode
  • Fixes bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug showing the wrong logo when changing the area
  • Apply bootloader patch to downgrade and upgrade ROM automatically for high-silicon and Qualcomm chips
  • Apply hard partition repartitioning when burning the firmware automatically

How To Use?

  1. first, click on the Load button to select your UPDATE.APP file.
  2. Then click on the EXTRACT button.
  3. Extracted Full Code (FLK) format files are extracted from your ROM in the FULLKADE folder next to the same UPDATE.APP file.
  4. Clicking the Show info button will display the ROM file details.
  5. Clicking the OPEN PATH button opens the folder of extracted files.
  6. After extracting the files, it is time to flash them on the phone.
  7. Connect the phone to the computer in fast boot mode. (Huawei Fast Boot Tutorial)
  8. There are three ways to flash the extracted partitions.
  9. First button: Flash ALL (ERASE ALL)
  10. Flash all items and factories and erase data
  11. Second button: Flash SAFE Flash all items and storage of user information (if not damaged)
  12. Third button: Patch BootLoader
  13. to install other versions of Android in fastboot,
  14. currently only suitable for high-silicon


In the first and second case of flashing the ROM file that you need to extract, it is enough that the Android version is the same as the version on the phone. (Build number and do not matter)
Full code support will also guide you when you purchase the service.

Download Huawei Service Tool v5

File Name:Huawei Service Tool v5
File type: compressed/Zip [Use 7zip or Winrar To Unzip File] 
Os Support: Windows Computer[32-64 Bit] 
Uploaded By : 
Virus Status: 100% Safe Scanned By Avast 
File PassWord:Without Password
Download Link

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