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Tecno Bootloader Unlock Files Update Free Download

Feature Of  Tecno Bootloader Unlock

In this tutorial, we are going to provide you with the Tecno Unlock Bootloader file and procedure for unlocking. Unlocking your Tecno phone’s bootloader is one of the first steps to customizing your handset up to extreme levels such as;

  • Rooting,
  • Installing modules,
  • Flashing custom firmware,
  • and more.

The bootloader is a vendor-proprietary image that takes care of the kernel on a device. It basically protects the device state and verifies the integrity of boot and recovery partitions completely.

Features Tecno Bootloader Unlock Files:

Install ADB and Fastboot drivers

ADB is necessary to allow you to root or modify your device system files by using the commands properly. While the Fastboot is required to modify the phone’s firmware by sending commands to it.

Enable USB Debugging and Enable OEM Unlock

It’s also necessary for you to turn on the USB Debugging as well as enable the OEM Unlock option on your handset before connecting and using the ADB Fastboot method. To do so:

  • Open the Settings menu on your handset.
  • Now, go to the About Phone section > Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll find Build Number.
  • Tap on it for 7 times quickly and the Developer Options will be enabled on your phone.
  • Next, go back to the Settings page again, and search for Developer Options.
  • Here you’ll need to tap on it and turn on the USB Debugging toggle.
  • Once done, make sure to scroll down a bit, and turn on the Allow OEM Unlocking toggle as well if it's greyed out just proceed to the next steps.
  • After enabling both options, you can close the Settings page.

Supported Models

Tecno AB7 Tecno AC8 Tecno BB4 Tecno BB4K
Tecno BC1S Tecno BC3 Tecno CA7  Tecno CA8
Tecno CA8S Tecno CB7 Tecno CB7J Tecno CC6
Tecno CC7 Tecno CC9 Tecno CD6 Tecno CD6j
Tecno CD6S Tecno CD7 Tecno CD8 Tecno CD8j
Tecno CE7 Tecno CE7j Tecno CE8 Tecno CE9
Tecno CE9h Tecno CF7 Tecno CF7k Tecno CF7s
Tecno CF8 Tecno CG6 Tecno CG6j Tecno CG7
Tecno CG8 Tecno F4 PRO Tecno ID3K Tecno ID5
Tecno ID5A Tecno ID5B Tecno ID6 Tecno IN1
Tecno IN1 PRO Tecno IN2 Tecno IN6 Tecno KB2
Tecno KB2H Tecno KB2j Tecno KB3 Tecno KB7j
Tecno KB8 Tecno KC1 Tecno KC1h Tecno KC1j
Tecno KC2 Tecno KC2j Tecno KC3 Tecno KC6
Tecno KC6s Tecno KC8 Tecno KC8s Tecno KD6
Tecno KD6A Tecno KD7 KD7H Tecno KD7S
Tecno KE5 Tecno KE5J Tecno KE5K Tecno KEFS
Tecno KE6 Tecno KE6J Tecno KE7 Tecno KF6
Tecno KF6H Tecno KF6i Tecno KF6j Tecno KF8
Tecno LA7 PRO Tecno LB7 Tecno LB8 Tecno LB8A
Tecno LC6 Tecno LC6A Tecno LC7 Tecno LC7S
Tecno LC8 Tecno LD7 Tecno LD7j Tecno RA8

How To Use?

Steps for Tecno Bootloader Unlock

First Method

  • Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock
  • Connect your Tecno Mobile Device to PC
  • Open Command Prompt by double-clicking on Tecno Mobile Bootloader Unlocking.bat file
  • Follow the prompts on the window
  • DONE!

Second Method

  • Extract the file on PC.
  • Connect Tecno phone to the PC.
  • Next, wait for the computer to detect the connected device.
  • Once done, the USB driver will be installed on the PC.
  • Go to the extracted file on the PC > press the Shift key + Right-click on the mouse.
  • Select the Open PowerShell window here or Open Command Window here from the popup. If prompted click on Yes to allow admin access.
  • Then type the following command line inside the CMD window and hit Enter to check whether your device is connected to ADB or not:

adb devices

  • If you see a popup on the device screen to Allow USB Debugging on your phone, tap on OK to proceed.
  • Type the following command line and hit Enter to restart your device into bootloader:

ADB reboot bootloader

  • Your device will be rebooted to Fastboot mode.
  • Issue the following command to unlock bootloader for your Tecno Mobile device:

fastboot flashing unlock

fastboot reboot

You will have your Tecno Mobile Bootloader Unlocking completed upon issuing the above commands.

Set up your device and check-in developer option if OEM is enabled and greyed out. Congratulations!

        Download Tecno Bootloader Unlock

        File Name:Tecno Bootloader Unlock
        File type: compressed/Zip [Use 7zip or Winrar To Unzip File] 
        Os Support: Windows Computer[32-64 Bit] 
        Uploaded By : 
        Virus Status: 100% Safe Scanned By Avast 
        File PassWord: Without Password
        Download Link

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