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Elden Ring PvP is being ruined by this deadly build

There's a bizarre and terrifying build storming Elden Ring PvP right now. If you see someone appear in your game and immediately set themselves on fire, you should start running. The Death Blight build is practically invincible and it's terrorizing the community. 

In a nutshell, you can pair Elden Ring's Eclipse Shotel cursed sword with the Deadly Sin incantation to eradicate anyone in the vicinity. The incantation sets the caster alight, damaging both them and their surrounding enemies. It also seems to apply the status of your weapon, which is where the issue comes in.

Eclipse Shotel's Death Flare weapon art inflicts the Death ailment on foes. The two combined make for an unholy build that spews death blight and is practically unstoppable. Understandably, players are livid; the Elden Ring subreddit is brimming with incensed Tarnished who've fallen foul of the death blight. YouTuber WesleyCody breaks down the almost invincible build below:

It's important to note that this is very likely a bug, and one that the Elden Ring community wants FromSoftware to address as a priority. One brave soul managed to give someone using the Death Blight build a taste of their own medicine. And given how impervious the build is to counters, the stunned look on their face will have been priceless.

Redditor u/SpicyScope  posted their run-in with the self-immolating player, using the Inescapable frenzy grapple incantation to take them down. While it can be dodged, if the grapple makes contact, it's an instant kill.  

the_only_appropriate_response_to_the_current_meta from r/Eldenring

If you want to dabble in the Death Blight build before it's patched out (and who knows how long that'll take) you can find the Eclipse Shotel in Castle Sol. Just head to the altar in the southeast section of the castle. Meanwhile, Fire's Deadly Sin is in Windmill Heights, south of Windmill Village, on the southeast cliffs. 

Just be warned that everyone you're invading will probably hate you, now and forever. No amount of Elden Ring lady hugs will change that. 

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