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Gran Turismo 7’s latest patch breaks a key feature

A number of Gran Turismo 7’s license tests and missions are currently proving impossible to beat after the game's latest update introduced a curious new bug.

If you’ve been pulling your hair out trying to get gold in the game’s dirt license challenges – including the one lap time attack S-5 test – it turns out that the last GT7 update incorrectly changed the recommended tires that were previously needed to beat the best times, which has left many players scratching their heads.

The bug also impacts a number of missions and circuit experiences, essentially halting players' progress until a fix is implemented. That's particularly frustrating if you're working your way through Gran Turismo 7's trophy list.

The good news is that the tires bug is a known issue, as highlighted on Gran Turismo’s website, and developer Polyphony Digital has said these issues will be solved in a future update. However, there’s no point attempting these challenges right now, as you're only setting yourself up for failure.

The licenses, missions, and circuit experiences affected by these issues are as follows:


  •  [A-8] Dirt Driving: Beginner
  •  [IB-5] Dirt Driving: Intermediate
  •  [IA-3] Dirt Driving: Expert
  •  [S-5] One Lap Time Attack


  • The Magic Mountain - Jeep Night Safari
  • Beyond the Horizon - Beginner Drifting 1, American Wilderness
  • Rolling Stone - Beginner Drifting 2
  • Moby Dick - Pylon Cone Knockdown 2, Intermediate Drifting 1
  • Gone with the Wind - Divine moves on the Spa, Intermediate Drifting 2
  • The Sun Also Rises - The White Winged Beast, Expert Drifting

Circuit Experiences 

  • Colorado Springs
  • Fishermans Ranch
  • Sardegna - Windmills

Broken challenges aren't the only issues that the latest Gran Turismo 7 patch has introduced, however. Sometimes car settings cannot be edited, and decals applied in the Livery Editor can fail to show. There are also currently a number of issues with multiplayer lobbies and spectator mode, which will hopefully be ironed out soon.

Analysis: step away from the wheel for now

GT Sophy

(Image credit: Sony Computer Interactive Entertainment)

Using the wrong set of tires might not sound like a big deal, but they can make a massive difference in Gran Turismo 7 when it comes to recording the best lap times, particularly on the game’s slippery rally tracks.

The only solution right now to this problem is to ignore these challenges and come back once this issue has been resolved. Otherwise, you'll just wind up annoyed and frustrated at your inability to beat the game's set times.

Gran Turismo 7 launched on March 4 for PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS5, and we were extremely impressed with Polyphony Digital's latest entry in its racing sim series. "Gran Turismo 7 isn’t just the best entry in the long-running series, it sets the bar astronomically high for all future racing sims," we said in our five-star GT7 review.

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