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Today’s Wordle answer and hints #273 (March 19)

Looking for some help with today’s Wordle answer, for puzzle #273? Of course you are - otherwise this is a weird article for you to have clicked on.

We’ve been bringing you the answers and insights for a while and you can check out our Wordle answers archive to see what’s been happening each day.

But it’s all about today, and we’re here to - first - bring you a hint to help save the streak, then it‘s straight to the answer.

And if you can't be bothered with even having to look at the hint, the just jump to the answer and get on with the weekend. We’ve all got better things to do, right?

Today's Wordle hint and riddle

Wordle answer with no correct letters

(Image credit: TechRadar)

We’re trialling this daily riddle format - is it working? Is it useful? Hard to say, but they’re fun to write… so do email in and let us know!

Today's Wordle riddle:

Give permission to achieve a goal, but be ready - this one starts with a vowel.

OK, ’goal’ and ‘vowel’ don’t technically rhyme. It’s assonance, which is a poetry word for ‘I can do what I want because poetry’. How about some hints to keep this party rolling?

  1. There are two vowels today
  2. It has a double letter
  3. It ends with a W

Does that help? No? OK, fine… you can have the answer. BUT, do check out our Wordle solver tools below to see if they can help you instead - a quick scroll will jump you past the answer.

Today’s Wordle Answer #273

Today’s Wordle answer on black background

(Image credit: TechRadar / NY Times)

The Wordle answer for today is: ALLOW.

It’s already looking like a tricky one to start the weekend - and we often see this when a vowel is placed at the start of a word. A double letter as well… we can see this one running and running.

Google Trends suggests that this is proving to be the case - the UK saw a HUGE spike in Wordle Answer at midnight, although the usual 7AM follow up wasn’t there:

Wordle trends on a white background

(Image credit: TechRadar / Google)

With nothing trending today in Wordle, we expect this article to be read by people stumped through the A at the front - and maybe the double letter.

Today’s Wordle alternative

So you’ve done today’s Wordle. Well done. So each day we’re going to recommend one of the best Wordle alternatives so the joy train of daily puzzling isn’t over for you.

Today, it’s time to get your calculator out…


The starting screen to a game of Nerdle

(Image credit: Future)

Such a different game to Wordle, but it gives your brain a different workout. Consider Wordle your long, steady state run and then Nerdle being the HIIT workout you (inexplicably) do next.

You're asked to enter a sum of 8 numbers or symbols long... and apart from knowing it has to have some numbers and an equals in there, that's all you get.

It's a great play - plus there's an 'Instant Nerdle' that shows you one line of semi-correct entries in the wrong place... and it's up to you to get it. Lovely.

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