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Wordle now has a football spin-off - here’s how to play

The Wordle clones keep on coming. There is something about the five-letter, six guesses game that speaks to a dark corner of our brain. We just can't help but keep coming back for more of that exciting detective work thrill.

We’ve already seen one spin-off of the five-letter guessing game that dramatically ups its difficulty, and another that replaces its hidden words with short melodies. A new spin-off goes in yet another direction, ditching the linguistics in favor of European footballers.

Who Are Ya? follows the basic Wordle formula. You’re trying to identify the correct footballer across several guesses, using color-coded clues for help. In a twist, you won’t be comparing the spelling of each footballer’s name, but rather comparing five attributes: their club, nationality, position on the field, age, and what team they play for. 

Make a guess by picking a player (the game auto-fills their names so you don’t have to have them committed to memory), and any attributes that match the target player will be highlighted in green, while duds are left grey. That means you can gradually narrow down the correct player after landing on a couple of correct attributes.

The game encompasses all current players in the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and The Bundesliga, which is a pretty huge selection. You can’t get away with just reeling off every footballer that comes to mind.

For an added helping hand, you’re given eight guesses instead of the usual five, alongside a blurred photo of the target footballer. The image becomes clearer with each subsequent guess, making it easier to narrow down your options. Don’t rely on it, though. The colors of each image have been altered so you can’t identify the players from their kit.

You can play Who Are Ya? for free online. It should work on any device that supports a browser.

As with all good Wordle clones, it will record your winning streak, too, so you can show off your European football knowledge.

The hardest Wordle clone?

Who Are Ya? may well take the mantle for the hardest Wordle spin-off currently available. You’d need an encyclopaedic knowledge of European footballers to stand a chance at correctly guessing some of its more obscure solutions. Unless a player from your team is the target answer, or they play a league that you closely follow, we’d bet you’ll have a tough time narrowing down the options.

Its creators have already made another football-themed Wordle clone, Missing 11, which challenges you to identify the starting lineup of a specific football match from history. You’ll have to correctly pick out each player in six guesses or less using a more standard word-based version of Wordle.

We wouldn’t be surprised if it released more Wordle-based footy games in the future.

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