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AMD could be readying an even cheaper low-end RDNA 2 GPU

AMD is purportedly going to launch a new even cheaper budget RDNA 2 graphics card, at least if that latest rumor proves to be on the money.

The theory is that Team Red is preparing an RX 6300 GPU to slot in below the current wallet-friendly RX 6400, as per speculation shared by Komachi_Ensaka, a hardware leaker on Twitter (whose tweet was spotted by Wccftech).

The tweet mentions that the RX 6400 is ‘no longer exclusively for OEMs’, meaning that it isn’t just going to be present in pre-built PCs, and will be available to buy as a standalone product on shelves. Apparently the RX 6300 is incoming as an ‘OEM exclusive’ – meaning this GPU will only be sold to PC manufacturers for them to include in new machines.

In short, the RX 6300 is theoretically in the pipeline, but you won’t be able to buy one as a standalone model to put in your existing PC; it’ll only be out in new computers.

Analysis: Another wallet-friendly GPU would be very welcome

Assuming this is true – large pinches of salt to hand, as ever – bear in mind that in the future, you may still be able to pick up a resold RX 6300 on an auction site, say. And also it’ll mean budget PCs can soon become even more wallet-friendly when OEMs get the option to use the 6300 and shave a bit more off the cost of making a cheap system.

There is also the chance that if the RX 6300 appears as an OEM-only graphics card to begin with, it might eventually get produced and sold as a standalone product. As noted above, this is what’s rumored to be happening with the RX 6400, which was introduced as an OEM-only GPU back in January, but could be sold on its own very soon – supposedly in April – if the rumor mill is right (note that this is not confirmed).

We’ll just have to see, but fingers crossed that the RX 6300 is in the cards, as another useful option for the budget end of the GPU market certainly wouldn’t go amiss. We’d imagine we are more likely to see such a card sooner rather than later, as next-gen RDNA 3 products aren’t all that far off, after all (they’re set to land later in 2022).

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