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Call of Duty 2022 could feature NFTs

Activision is reportedly considering introducing NFTs to this year’s Call of Duty.

That’s according to online Twitter leaker Ralph, who said the publisher is considering integrating the blockchain tokens into Infinity Ward’s new Call of Duty alongside big changes to its user interface and more personalization options for calling cards, emblems, avatars, and statistics.

“NFT’s have been under review, and in consideration, for a few months,” Ralph said.

“[Microtransactions] and content structures are influenced by trends and predictions, NFTs just seem to be that at the moment.”

However, they clarified that “with EA’s backlash against NFTs, it can totally fall through.”

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NFTs aren't certain

EA backtracked on its commitment to NFTs earlier this year after CEO Andrew Wilson called the tokens and play-to-earn games “the future of our industry”. Months later, he reneged on that stance, saying the long-term functionality of NFTs and the blockchain remains to be seen, and clarifying they’re not something EA is currently “driving hard on”. 

Activision hasn’t made any official announcement regarding NFTs coming to Call of Duty 2022, nor has said whether it has any plans to pursue the technology in the future.

Activision Blizzard’s stance on NFTs is further complicated by Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of the mega-publisher. Xbox boss Phil Spencer, has previously voiced his concerns over NFTs, suggesting it's not something Microsoft's gaming wing is interested in pursuing currently, but didn’t rule them out entirely. 

“I think there’s a lot of speculation and experimentation that’s happening, and that some of the creative that I see today feels more exploitive than about entertainment,” Spencer told Axios last November.

“I don't think it necessitates that every NFT game is exploitive. I just think we're kind of in that journey of people figuring it out,” he added.

It’s not difficult to see how NFTs might be integrated into Call of Duty. Among the bevy of emblems, skins, and calling cards players unlock in the multiplayer FPS, some may be sold as blockchain tokens instead of traditional in-game items.

As for whether Ralph’s claims can be trusted, the leaker previously said that the upcoming Call of Duty title will feature a morality system, with player decisions influencing the moral compass of their character. That was later corroborated by VGC, adding weight to the leaker's credentials.

Ralph only claims Activision is "considering" integrating NFTs into the next Call of Duty release. That's a notably non-committal position, and EA's backtracking earlier in the year shows that major triple-A publishers are capable of U-turning with the prevailing wind. For now, don't be expecting NFTs to crop up in the next Call of Duty, but know it's a possibility.

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