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Do You Throw Your Burnt Cookie Sheet Away If It Cant Be Cleaned

Question: Burnt Cookie Sheet?

September eight, 2009

Burnt Cookie SheetI have looked at a lot of burnt pan topics only I don't run across what I demand. My pan is not something I can eddy in. I accept a pocket-sized toaster oven pan that seems to be double thick, non really thin. I have a blackness layer of burnt on set up to eat foods (fish sticks etc.) that I cannot become off.

I have tried vinegar with baking soda and peroxide and a few drops of soap and I have tried Dawn scrubber spray simply it didn't work. There is a circle that is not burnt in the heart of the pan, and burnt blackness all around the edges. I have soaked information technology. I can't eddy information technology considering its a cookie canvass sort of pan. Any suggestions? I accept tried the Magic Eraser (is that useful for anything) and the dark-green scrubbie pads. I can't tell what it is. It'due south non coated for sure, but I imagine its aluminum.

Past kristi from VA


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You can try oven cleaner and letting it soak for a while or dish washer detergent, diluted and left to soak. Information technology may be easier to supervene upon it. The best way to avoid this happening is to spray it with a spray like pam before each utilize then a proper cleaning afterwards.

I know, that's like shutting the door afterward the horse is gone :)

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Question: Burnt Insulated Cookie Sheet?

October 8, 2008

I've read through the solutions for removing burned food from stainless cookware, but I take burned apple pie juice on an insulated cookie sheet, which cannot exist soaked. Any suggestions, too throwing it out?

Dee from St. Paul, MN


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I've soaked a thick material (old bathroom fabric) in whatever I'grand using to make clean with (usually dishwasher detergent and water) and laid information technology over the area and tilted information technology into the sink then water doesn't run all over the place. I allow it soak over night and most of the time it comes right off. Sometimes I have to re-wet the textile and soak longer but not usually.

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Sprinkle blistering soda on it like cleanser and scrub with a sponge. Baking soda reacts with the carbon in a burnt spot.

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attempt a 50/50 solution of cream of tartar and white vinegar. i read it somewhere on the net and have been using it similar crazy on my pans with quondam crud on them.

they look fabulous. mix it in a custard cup and spread on (utilise your fingers). let sit for a footling bit then scrub with your scrubber of option. bully flim-flam!

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Borax is great for cleaning stuff. Make a paste with your favorite cleaner and scrub. Or try soaking it in the bathtub.

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Have you tried the Dawn power disolver spray? I beloved that stuff! Information technology makes my cookie sheets look similar new.

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I've done the aforementioned as Glenn'sMom above, I use an old washcloth or hand towel, soak it in water and lay it over the burnt area. Information technology will loosen.

I've besides put h2o in the pan and put it dorsum in the oven, the water gets hot equally does the pan which makes it easier to remove the burned goop. This works cracking for stovetop pans too.

October 12, 2008 0 establish this helpful

I employ spray on oven cleaner when my cookie sheets & baking pans start looking bad. I merely spray on & allow information technology sit over night.

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