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Epic games boss gloats over Fortnite's return to iPhone thanks to xCloud

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney is celebrating Fortnite's addition to xCloud by reminding everyone that they can play it on anything. Including an iPhone or iPad.

Fortnite has been absent from Apple's platforms since Epic decided that it didn't want to give the tech giant a cut of in-app purchases anymore. After a lengthy lawsuit that resulted in Apple taking the L, the game is still MIA from the App Store. Sweeney wasn't happy about it, saying Apple went back on its word. So it's no wonder that he's reveling in the return of Fortnite to iPhone and iPad.

"Monumental news everyone!" Sweeney tweeted . "Fortnite is now available to play FOR FREE streaming to web browsers on iPhone, iPad, and Android via Xbox Cloud. No subscription required, no 30% Apple tax."

He went on to ask his followers on Twitter what "ridiculous device" they'd played the game on, now that it's streaming from xCloud. And iPhones and iPads seem to be making up the majority of the replies. 

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Sweeney isn't alone in shouting the Fortnite Apple news from the rooftops. Microsoft is loudly touting the battle royale's return to Apple devices in a not-so-subtle, and very specific xCloud trailer. It seems to be the only title to get a dedicated xCloud trailer, and hilariously, the very first platforms mentioned are iPad and iPad OS.

Performance does seem to be an issue for Apple users. One person reported that Fortnite is "pretty choppy" on their iPhone 11 Pro Max. Someone else cited lag on their iPad. Outside of complaints around Apple devices, the rest of the replies are filled with genuine answers, and some funny Photoshops. 

People are playing Fortnite on the Steam Deck, Amazon Fire TV Cube, Google Nest Hub, and what looks like the Oculus Quest 2. And in the spirit of DOOM, there are mock ups of Fortnite on an ultrasound machine, a pregnancy test, and a calculator.

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Streaming games on xCloud will get even easier when Microsoft launches the Xbox Streaming stick. The device and its accompanying TV app are reported to be less than 12 months away. That's great news for gamers struggling to get hold of an Xbox Series X or PS5, or anyone who can't drop hundreds of dollars on the hardware right now.   

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