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How To Delete Corrupted Files On Windows 7

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Symptoms that y'all cannot delete corrupted files

In full general, information technology'due south easy to delete files and many users are likely to delete files by accident. Still, corrupted files are not that easy to delete as usual. Hither are fault letters you may receive when deleting a corrupted file.

Cannot delete file proper name: The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.
The file system construction on disk is corrupted and unreadable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the device with label "Volume_name"

It's common that yous can't delete files in use, but you might be frustrated if corrupted files tin't exist deleted.

Hither is a existent case:

"My laptop is running Windows seven. Recently I installed a third party plan which required changing some dll files in System 32. After rebooting organisation, I got an error bulletin saying some dll file was missing. I tried to put the backed upwardly dll file to the location where it belongs to. But I couldn't delete the corrupted file. I read posts and solutions on forums and sites, and tried many solutions such as changing extension, taking ownership, ect. But none of them worked. I also tried ending task in task manage and then attempted to delete it, just got 'Access denied' error…"

Reasons can explain why files get corrupted:

  • A file becomes corrupted may due to a bug or defect in the software installed on your computer. You can update software to prepare bugs.
  • This trouble can exist the result of virus or malware attack which may corrupts or delete files.
  • Storage device has ability related issues.
  • Unplug external drives directly without clicking rubber removal.
  • Improper system shutdown or sudden power failure

How to delete corrupted files?

Corrupted files are files that become inoperable or unusable and they may bring grinding halt to system or even causes the loss of important information. If you lot cannot delete corrupted files, you tin try following methods to delete them.

Method one: Reboot estimator and delete corrupted data

  • Close all programs and files you are editing.
  • Restart computer and then kick to Windows.
  • Log in Administrator account and find out corrupted files you desire to delete. Drag files to Recycle Bin.
  • Empty Recycle Bin.

Method two: Delete corrupted files in Safe Fashion

  • Reboot computer and F8 earlier booting to Windows.
  • Select Safe Mode from the list of options on screen, and so enter rubber style.
  • Browse and locate the files you want to delete. Select these file and press Delete button. They will be put to Recycle Bin.
  • Open Recycle Bin and delete them from Recycle Bin.

Method 3: Delete files using command prompt

  • Click Showtime button and type cmd in searching box.
  • Right click "Control Prompt" from search list and choose "Run every bit administrator". And so Control Prompt pops up.
  • Type the following control and press Enter.

DEL /F /Q /A <File Path>

Recall replace <File path> with the path of the file you want to delete, for example, DEL /F /Q /A C:\Users\LJ\Desktop\120.vhd

/F ways the force deletion of files, Q/ stands for the strength deletion of read-but files and /A selects files with the ready for archiving attribute.

Method four: Delete corrupted files permanentlty with DiskGenius

DiskGenius is free and useful hard drive direction software which tin resize / clone / recover partition, edit raw data, manage virtual disk, check bad sectors, wipe data, etc. Apart from that, you can utilise it to delete files that can't be deleted in normal way.

Step 1  Install and run DiskGenius on your figurer. And then find out the corrupted file you desire to delete in this sectionalization manager.

Pace 2  Right-click the file and select "Delete Files Directly".

Delete Corrupted Files

Footstep iii  Click "Delete" button and the file will be deleted straight without putting into Recycle Bin.

Delete Corrupted Files


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