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How To Type On Mac Keyboard Windows

Whether you take just switched from a PC to a Mac and take discovered that the " and @ keys aren't where yous were expecting, or y'all are having to type some unusual characters or accents on your Mac keyboard, we are here to help.

The location of the characters may depend on where yous are based in the world: keyboard layout differs by country, with certain characters getting more prominence on the keyboards of the people who use them more. You'll find QWERTY keyboards for English speakers, while French speakers get a AZERTY keyboard, Germans become QWERTZ, for example.

American and United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland keyboards accept a number of surprising differences. Australians tend to utilize the American keyboard layout.

One other source of confusion is the fact that some Mac keyboards label the Alt cardinal Option while others call the Option central Alt (depending on your view point). This means that some guides you volition read will talk near an Option or Alt central you can't see on your Mac. The key is one and the aforementioned. Run into Where is the Option central.

Mac vs PC keyboard compared

How to type °$€@®©# £€¢™ and Æ

That's not a concealed swear word! Those are all symbols that yous may find yourself needing to type again and once again, and yet they are hidden from view on your Mac keyboard. Don't worry though, we'll let you know what you lot need to practise to type them.

Before we begin, this is a handy overview of the hidden characters that you tin type using Alt (the keys might be a bit different if you aren't using a UK keyboard).

Mac keyboard shortcuts: Alt key


We'll start with this because information technology'southward was popularised by Elon Musk and Grimes when they named their kid Æ A-12 Musk.

If yous desire to type Æ simply printing and hold the A central. You'll come across a range of options appear in a box – just select the one yous want or printing 5.

For obvious reasons European keyboard give more than prominence to the Euro sign – information technology'south constitute on the E key. But on UK and US keyboard layout the € is in a dissimilar location. In fact the location of the € on a United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland Mac keyboard is dissimilar to its location on a U.s. keyboard, simply to confuse matters!

On a UK keyboard to type € you should press:

  • Alt/Option-two = €

On a US keyboard to type € you need to printing:

  • Alt/Choice-Shift-2 = €


This is another sign where typing it volition depend on the keyboard. If y'all are in the Uk the hashtag sign shares the 3 key with the pound sign (£) only on other country'due south keyboards the United kingdom £ sign is found else where (we'll get to that next).

On a Great britain keyboard to blazon # yous should press:

  • Alt/Choice-3 = #

On a US keyboard to type # you lot need only press:

  • Shift-three = #


We'll mention the Great britain Pound sign here for anybody who is using a non-UK keyboard as it's location on a UK keyboard is no mystery (ok – if you are still looking it's on the iii key).

On a United states of america keyboard you demand to type £ yous need to press:

  • Alt/Option-3 = £

An easy mode to call back how to type a # or £ depending on where you live is to notation that both symbols are referred to as a pound sign. Then if you encounter one or other on the fundamental so pressing Alt/Option will result in the other key.

$ and ¢

$ is obvious, just what well-nigh ¢?

You'll find the ¢ on the four on both United states of america and UK keyboards:

  • Alt/Option-4 = ¢


This @ central is a point of defoliation for PC users coming to Mac keyboards because the " fundamental and @ central switch places.

On a Great britain or U.s. keyboard you'll find the @ primal on the ii primal and the " key will be down on the correct where the ' key is located. To usa Mac users this layout makes more sense, we can't imagine why the " and ' would be separated past an expanse of keyboard.

  • Shift-2 = @

© ® and ™

The diverse copyright and trademark signs can be unremarkably used in sure lines of work. Luckily there is an easy way to blazon them on a Mac keyboard.

Y'all might think that logically the Copyright sign would be hidden on the C key, but y'all'd be wrong. The C key is the home of various accented Cs. If you want to type a © yous need to press Alt/Pick and G.

  • Alt/Option-Yard = ©

If yous want to type the Registered Trademark symbol less Pick/Alt and R:

  • Alt/Selection-R = ®

As for the ™ how you type depends on the keyboard:

On a UK keyboard to type ™ you should press:

  • Shift-Alt/Option-2 = ™

On a US keyboard to type ™ y'all need to press:

  • Alt/Choice-ii = ™


If it's getting hot where y'all are you lot might want to tell someone. IN which case a degree sign could be handy. Here's how to blazon a °

  • Shift-Alt/Option–viii = °

You lot might wonder what circumstances would cause you to demand to type an Apple logo, but with Apple naming a few products with the Apple symbol if might exist that you lot demand to type TV or Watch. If you lot do, the fundamental combination is as follows:

  • Shift-Alt/Selection-K

Read: How to blazon  on an iPhone.

A cheque mark or tick

This is a handy one – the V almost looks like a tick or bank check mark, add an Option/Alt and that's what you get.

  • Pick/Alt-V = √

Other keys

At that place are a few keys that are hidden in plain sight. Nosotros'll mention them here just in case you are struggling to find them:

~ (aka the Tilde sign) – It's on the left past the Shift key / – on the correct by the Shift key – on the right above the Shift key | – printing shift and

Typing accents on a Mac keyboard

If yous are trying to type accents on an English keyboard if can be a bit daunting – if y'all are using a keyboard that'due south designed for that linguistic communication it volition exist considerably easier to blazon accents, for obvious reasons. To blazon an accented letter all you lot need to do is press and hold the relevant key. When you do so a menu will appear with the diverse accented characters to cull from.

For example, if you press and hold the E key then yous will somewhen meet this carte pop up. You lot can choose the version with your pointer, or by pressing the corresponding number.

Type Accent Keys Mac Keyboard

You'll find accents associated with the following keys: e, y, u, i, o, a, s, l, z, c, n.

Typing emoji on a Mac

Y'all might think that emoji are restricted to iPhones and iPads, simply they aren't. It's possible to admission emoji on your Mac. When you are using a discussion processor or like program you tin can press Command-Command-Infinite to bring up the Emoji pallet.

Read our guide to using Emoji on the Mac here.

Typing other characters on a Mac

You may recall the Character Viewer – a tool which you could expand to find various characters to exist added to text documents. It predated Emoji and since Emoji arrived it seems to have been subconscious away, but information technology'due south nonetheless there.

Equally above, press Control-Control-Infinite to bring upward the Emoji pallet then click on the icon in the top correct of the Emoji box to bring upward the Character Viewer. Hither you'll find more than Emoji: at that place are likewise Arrows, other currency symbols, Maths Symbols, and more than.

This is where you will detect currency symbols such equally ¥ ¢ ₽ ₩ ₱ ₹ ﷼

Maths symbols such every bit xxx ∄ ℇ ℏ ≥ ≯ ∑ √ ∱≉

There are too some pictographs that predate emoji including all of these

Pictographs on the Mac

If yous are curious to lean which characters are hidden underneath the keys on your keyboard you could use the Keyboard Viewer.

  1. To go the Keyboard Viewer to appear you starting time need to go to System Preferences and choose Keyboard.
  2. Then tick the box abreast Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar.
  3. At present you'll encounter an icon in the menu bar (it includes a Control icon). If y'all click on information technology, y'all will see options to Show Emoji & Symbols and Show Keyboard Viewer.
  4. Choose Show Keyboard Viewer.
  5. When you lot press the shift and option keys you will run across the various options available to you lot. You can merely click on the key as seen on the keyboard on screen.

A bonus is the fact that when you type with this keyboard viewer on view you will run across various suggested autocomplete words that y'all nighttime want to apply.

Keyboard Viewer Mac

If you lot find yourself using different characters often y'all might similar to endeavor an app like PopChar X from Ergonis. The app makes information technology really easy to admission the various characters that are available in the different fonts on your Mac. Yous can purchase it hither for €29.99.

Wondering how to re-create and paste on a Mac?


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