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Battlefield 2042 Season 1 finally has a release date

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 has finally been fully revealed. Giving us a preview of what to expect, developer Dice has announced its release date and given us a preview of the multiplayer shooter’s first season of post-launch content.

The new Battlefield 2042 will launch on June 9, and roll out several features to the game. As a previously released roadmap suggested, Season 1 includes one new map – Exposure – set in the Canadian Rockies. Speaking in a press preview, Dice said the map had been designed to emphasize the verticality of Battlefield 2042’s combat, as well as provide opportunities for ground-to-air fights.

Much of what we already knew about the upcoming season from a recent leak has also been confirmed. This introduces new Specialist Ewelina Lis – the first new playable character added to the game since it launched last November – who’s outfitted with a rocket launcher capable of firing player-controlled projectiles. Her Amor Hunter trait will let her better locate damaged enemy vehicles, too.

Helicopters will be making their way to the game, as two stealth choppers capable of deflecting radar signals are added. They’re intended to pair nicely with the vertical design of Exposure, but also pose as apt targets for Lis’s specialties. A new crossbow, sniper rifle, and smoke grenade launcher will also be introduced.

As expected, the Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass will also be added in Season 1. You’ll be able to unlock free weapons, vehicles, and cosmetics across its 100 tiers. Or, you can buy entry into a premium version of the battle pass to unlock additional cosmetic items. That’ll cost you $10 – about £8 / AU$14 – or 1000 Battlefield coins, the game’s new premium in-game currency. The premium battle pass will only grant access to additional cosmetics, with all gameplay-related content available for free.

A lot to prove

A Specialist in Battlefield 2042 holding a crossbow

(Image credit: EA)

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 has been a long time coming. Dice delayed it earlier this year following the game’s cold reception, giving itself time to iron out Battlefield 2042’s most egregious bugs and glitches. Fans have been waiting seven months for the season to drop – quite something when you consider the game was marketed as a live-service shooter.

Dice is likely be hoping this seasonal update will go some way to improving goodwill among Battlefield's community. During our recent press preview, the developer reiterated its commitment to improving 2042 over the coming months, starting with its maps. A revamped version of Kaleidoscope, which includes new areas and additional cover to break sightlines across the map, launches in August. Renewal will be the next map to receive a spruce up, but we’ll have to wait until Season 2 for that.

Dice says it’ll now focus on designing maps for 64-player matches, saying it’s “unshackled” itself from 128-player game modes. That’s quite the U-turn. Prior to release, Battlefield 2042’s massive skirmishes were billed as one of its major selling points.

Just how far Season 1 will improve the game’s standing among series fans is still up in the air. A lot is needed to turn the fortunes of this game around, and a single new map, one new Specialist, a new gun, and commitments for future improvement might not be enough.

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