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God of War PC just got even better for those using AMD GPUs

God of War has become the latest PC game to get the benefit of AMD’s FSR 2.0 tech.

The hit PlayStation port just got support for FSR 2.0 with a fresh patch (v1.0.12), which means those going the FSR route for frame rate boosting will get much better results.

As the patch notes state: “FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 has been implemented and is now available as a resolution-scaling option within the display settings menu.”

That’s good news not just for God of War players running AMD graphics cards in their PCs, but also some Nvidia GPU owners.

While the PC port already has support for DLSS 2.0, if you’re running a non-RTX Nvidia graphics card, FSR 2.0 will also be able to weave its upscaling magic and speed up your frame rates.

That’s one of the major strengths of AMD’s FSR compared to DLSS, namely that it’s an open standard, though note that with older Nvidia GPUs – and AMD ones for that matter – the results might be disappointing.

You need a reasonably fast and modern graphics card to get the best from FSR 2.0, and AMD recommends at least a Radeon RX 590 or Nvidia GTX 1070 as a baseline (for 1080p upscaling – as you might imagine, upscaling to 4K will be more demanding still, calling for an RX 5700 or RTX 2070).

Analysis: A big leap forward

God of War already had FSR 1.0 support, of course, but the sequel tech introduces temporal upscaling for seriously superior results in terms of the final upscaled image near-matching the native resolution for quality.

Nvidia DLSS already used temporal upscaling to great effect (with AI thrown into the bargain), and with FSR 2.0 making this move, AMD has very much closed the gap between the two frame rate boosting features – which is great to see (particularly because as mentioned, Nvidia GTX cards can benefit from FSR too).

FSR 2.0 is still very much in its early days, though, and God of War is only the third game to support it, following the frame rate boosting tech being introduced to Deathloop at launch three weeks ago, and then Farming Simulator 2022 just over a week back.

So, it’s still a relative trickle of games in this first month of FSR 2.0’s existence, but we can hope for more supported titles coming soon enough.

Via Eurogamer

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