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How To Install Windows 10 On Acer Nitro 5

How-do-you-do all, without further ado (or delays) I present my Windows 10 make clean install guide with a few optimization tips for the Nitro 5 An515-42 laptop:

Acer An515-42 Clean Install Guide by dclanz v.0.ii

I do not piece of work for Acer, Microsoft or whatever other tech companies. I am simply a technician and I've tried to optimize my laptop equally best as I can to the all-time of my knowledge including that which has been shared by helpful users around the cyberspace. That being said, this guide was written (while the steps were beingness followed) with the intent to assist users who wish to clean install Windows 10 on the Acer Nitro 5 Ryzen powered laptop. You, the reader, assumes any and all risks by following this guide in outcome that anything happens to your laptop. If you are comfortable with that then delight, read on.

1. Hardware: external storage, one 8GB or higher flash bulldoze and a mouse as there will be no touchpad back up until the drivers are installed.

1. Fill-in all required data including personal files, acer drivers and the video drivers to the external storage medium (external hard bulldoze, loftier capacity flash bulldoze - note non the same flash drive to be used with the media creation tool, etc).

two. Insert the 8GB flash drive and run the media creation tool. Accept the licence, select Create installation media for another PC then next. Ensure the correct version of Windows ten is selected (should exist by default), click Next, select the flash drive and click Side by side in one case again. Allow the procedure to consummate.

iii. Ability off the laptop, plug in the flash drive with the media creation tool files and so power back up. Continually press F2 to enter the BIOS. Using the arrow keys, Navigate to the Principal tab so down to F12 Boot Card. Printing Enter, select Enabled and press Enter again. Press F10 then Enter to save changes and leave the Bios. Press F12 repeatedly as the system reboots to select the flash drive as the boot option and hit Enter (if y'all missed the chance and Windows loaded, just restart and printing F12 rapidly) to boot the Windows setup.

Windows Installation
i. Select language, time and currency format and keyboard or input method and click side by side.

iii. Have the licence terms and so click next and choose custom: install windows only (advanced).

4. The adjacent screen displays the drives likewise as their partitions. Take note of which drive has Windows installed then delete all partitions by highlighting each one and pressing delete. Notation that doing this removes the Acer fill-in sectionalization equally well.  If more than 1 drive remains, don't worry. The actress drives can be formatted and repartitioned in Windows. Select the bulldoze which formerly had Windows on information technology and click next  (in my example that was drive ane with a total size of 238.5GB).

v. Wrap up the installation by choosing the right region, the correct keyboard layout (and adding any additional keyboard layouts) but practice not connect to the net (skip this pace).

6. Since nosotros opted for no internet access, proceed with creating a local business relationship and so modify the privacy settings to your liking and click Accept.

Configuring Windows
1. Once Windows has started, unplug the flash drive, open File Explorer, right click This PC and get to Manage.

two. Select Disk Direction nether Storage and locate your second hard bulldoze (if you had i). The drive may be labelled every bit Disk 0 and shows unallocated space. Simply correct click information technology, choose New simple volume and click adjacent all the way through (ensuring that you choose the right drive letter for your 2d hard drive).

3. At this indicate y'all tin can go into the properties of This PC once again (right click on information technology) and rename the system every bit necessary. This will prompt a restart.

iv. Connect the external storage and install 7zip.

v. Open File Explorer, right click This PC and get to Properties then Device Manager. From here y'all can meet all the missing devices to install (7 total).

six. Locate the video drivers which you downloaded from the Microsoft website. The file is a Cabinet file type. Right click the file, go to 7zip so open archive. Click Extract and using the menu button to the side of the name (three dots in a push), select Desktop, click ok and AMD to the terminate of the address (due east.g. C:\Users\User\Desktop\amd) and click ok. Navigate to this folder, correct-click the 2nd file with the proper name U0332427 and from the context card choose install. Click aye on the prompt to permit the installation and give the arrangement at least 5 minutes to install the video drivers. If you cheque the Device Manager once more yous will encounter that the drivers are now installed for both the Vega 8 Graphics and the Radeon RX 560X. Navigate into the B331895 folder and double click the ccc2_install file to install the Radeon Settings program. Once it is finished correct click the desktop and select AMD Radeon settings to view the Radeon control console.

seven. The next step is to enable internet access either wired or wirelessly and become to windows update (right click the starting time button/Windows flag, become to Settings then Update and Security). Allow the organisation to download all patches, drivers and updates. Once the system has finished installing updates and has rebooted, check the device manager over again to ensure all hardware has been installed. Test the trackpad as well to ensure that it now functions.

8. Open up the Audio_Realtek_6.0.1.8351_W10x64_A zero file and browse to the Dax2 folder (Audio_Realtek_6.0.1.8351_W10x64_A.null\Audio_Realtek_6.0.i.8351_W10x64\DAX2\x64) and copy dax2_app_release_x64 to the desktop. Double click it to install the Dolby Audio X2 app. Launch the newly installed Dolby Audio app from the start card.

9. Next open up the Nitro Sense_Acer_3.01.3000_W10x64_A zippo file and copy the NitroSense_3.01.3000_W10x64 folder to the desktop. Enter the v3.01.3000 binder and run Setup there to install the Nitro Sense service then go into the NitroSenseV3.1 folder and double click the b6d27df9d58b4baf8a067b8f39aa872a (APPXBUNDLE File) located in that location. You will exist prompted to install NitroSense_V31, click install. Nitro Sense should launch automatically later installation. Note if the Microsoft Smart Screen/ filter app pops up click Run.

10. Open upward the Quick Access_Acer_2.01.3018_W10x64_A zip file and copy the Quick Access_2.01.3018_W10x64 folder to the desktop so launch the setup file located within. Keep through the install so press the Caps Lock key to confirm visual notification of the install (should display once the install went ok).

Note nigh the Acer drivers: Nosotros did non install all the drivers from Acer and that is ok as we got most of them online. The reason they were downloaded however was to have the manufacturer'southward drivers stored away in the event that they are needed. As it is, Windows ten has been installed and updated with the latest bachelor drivers from Windows Update forth with the basic Acer apps for functionality. Alternatively, we could have as well attempted to install the latest AMD drivers by extracting the setup files with 7zip and using device manager to browse to the driver binder and installing. All the same these drivers are not officially supported and the Radeon Settings panel is a bit slow and wonky when installed for it. All-time bet is to go with Acer or Microsoft's drivers at this point in fourth dimension.

So, the system is upwards and running just it'south however a flake sluggish, gaming isn't that great, what actually gives? The following steps are a collection of tips I've come across the internet:

1. Right click the battery icon in the taskbar and become to Power Options. Select Cull what endmost this lid does, click Modify settings that are currently unavailable, then uncheck Plough on Fast startup (recommended) and click Save Changes.

2. In the same Ability Options screen click Change plan settings side by side to High performance. Click Change advanced power settings, expand Switchable Dynamic Graphics so Global Settings and change Plugged in to Maximize functioning. If y'all intend to game on battery (I don't recommend doing so), y'all can also change that setting to Maximize functioning then click utilize.

3. This next step involves un-parking the Ryzen CPU and running the dedicated GPU. It was created by YouTube user power333boom and the full video can be found here:

I'd like to thank the members of the Acer forums, members of the AMD forums, swain Nitro 5 Ryzen users, power333boom and you lot the reader. Feel free to drib any tips, ideas, constructive criticism or things which I may take forgotten to add. I'll try to update when next I go an opportunity to do so. Goodnight and game on! :)

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