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Sifu motion control mod lets you play your very own kung-fu movie

Sifu is an incredibly fun, responsive, yet brutally difficult action game. It gives you a real sense of being in the middle of a fistfight, demanding you lean into tight combos to come out on top. Though, how would it work with motion controls?

Surprisingly well, it turns out. Modder Rudeism decided that playing the PS5 and PC brawler with a regular controller didn't quite cut it. Instead, he created a unique motion controller setup that's somewhat reminiscent of Wii Sports' iconic boxing mini-game (thanks, IGN).

Rudeism, who also got a Fisher-Price controller to work with Elden Ring, shared his experience on Twitter with a video clip. The nearly two-minute-long clip showcases Rudeism's motion controller gloves, each equipped with a motion sensor and an analog stick.

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The clip is a joy to watch as Rudeism expresses glee at the working state of his motion controller setup. He demonstrates that actions like throwing punches and performing parries work as intended. Essentially, he's turned Sifu into a fitness game, not unlike the brilliant Nintendo Switch Sports or Ring Fit Adventure.

The setup isn't without issues, though, Rudeism shows off quite how much maintenance the controllers need. At one part, Rudeism has to crack out a soldering iron to patch up the controller's wiring when the motion controls go on the fritz.

Motion controls can be more than a cheap gimmick

I love hardware-centric mods like Rudeism's Sifu controller, they can really bring a game to life. I want to see some official motion control support added to the game; something that may be a possibility if Sifu ever gets a Nintendo Switch port, with motion handled by a pair of Joy-Con controllers.

When done right, optional motion controls can feel like more than just a novelty. Gran Turismo 7, for example, features an excellent motion-based option that essentially turns the DualSense into a steering wheel. It takes some getting used to, but it's surprisingly responsive and loads of fun.

That said, I know why motion controls likely aren't on developer Sloclap's to-do list. Sifu is a viciously difficult brawler even when played on a regular controller. Throwing motion controls into the mix would only ratchet up the difficulty. That's doubly so when you have to take your own stamina into account.

Still, it's great that Rudeism managed to get a motion-based proof of concept working for Sifu at all. 

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