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Starfield will have to compete with Fallout: London for Bethesda fans’ attention

A new trailer for ambitious mod Fallout: London has dropped, giving us a fresh look at the game alongside an expected release window.

Pitched as a DLC-sized mod for Fallout 4, the fan-made project has been in the works since 2019 but will be arriving in time to compete with Starfield. According to this latest trailer, it’s now scheduled to release sometime in 2023, putting it squarely in the same release window as Bethesda's next official release.

Styled as a continuation of Fallout 4 and set in the post-apocalyptic UK capital, the mod features all-new environments, quests, and characters. Its development team has previously said they want the game to feel like a genuine sequel worthy of the Fallout series.

According to the trailer’s description, Fallout: London will “explore pre-war European history, and the effects the Resource Wars [a fictional conflict in the Fallout universe] had on the class-structured society of pre-war Britain”. In an interview with NME, project lead Dean Carter said the mod will even feature around 45 original songs inspired by classic ‘50s and ‘60s artists, such as The Beatles and David Bowie.

Check out the announcement trailer below and see how many abandoned London landmarks you can pick out. We’ve spotted Big Ben, the London Eye, the MI6 headquarters, Shakespeare’s Globe, London Bridge, and the Tower of London.

London calling

An 18-minute gameplay trailer for Fallout: London was released earlier this year, giving us an even more detailed look at the game. It showed off some of the underground locations we can expect to explore, a few character creation options, and hinted at the thrust of its central storyline.

The mod looks like it’s taking its British setting pretty seriously. There are lots of bowler hats floating around, bicycles strewn across cobbled streets, and traditional English names. That’s not to mention the received pronunciation of its fully voiced characters, nor the instantly recognizable architecture.

Bethesda fans are in for a wild 2023. Between Starfield and Fallout: London, they’ll have plenty of new RPG material to chew through. But who knows, if Starfield really does lose the space race as some think it will, maybe this fan-made mod will prove more enjoyable than Bethesda’s own official release of the year.

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