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World Warrior Guile sonic booms his way into Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 is bringing back a classic character, as revealed in the first gameplay footage of the game. 

Revealed at the Summer Game Fest 2023, Guile is returning to the classic fighting series in its next installment. Guile, who's a US Air Force Major in Street Fighter lore, was shown off in a brief gameplay trailer for Street Fighter 6. This is the first gameplay we've seen of the upcoming game, which shows the series as many fans will remember it, only with much prettier visuals.

Guile also looks to be the same charismatic, hair-combing fighter fans will recognize from the series' past titles. You can count on beating down your opponents while churning out corning one-liners vaguely related to military catchphrases.

Watch the brief gameplay clip below. Although brief, it gives us a solid look at the direction Street Fighter 6 is going. For the most part, that direction looks like a safe one, as it recreates the same fighting experience many will recognize from the series' arcade roots. Expect more of the same, but for modern hardware.

The Street Fighter 6 reveal didn't bring with it a firmer release date, however. We're still left with the tantalizing, if vague, window of 2023. Here's hoping that means early in the year, not later.

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