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Xbox Bethesda showcase live: all the announcements, trailers and latest news

We're pretty excited for the Xbox Bethesda Showcase with everyone here at TRG looking forward to at least one game on the menu. Or what we hope is on the menu at least. We'll be live blogging everything up until after the show closes so buckle in for the ride.

Summer Game Fest 2022 continues with the Xbox Bethesda Showcase where fans are hoping to see and hear more are a slew of amazing-looking games. After the delay of Starfield, an update on that wouldn't go amiss. Rumours are already starting to fly around about Avowed, so let's dive right in to all the latest on the event.

Avowed is stirring up some rumors pre-show thanks to a since-deleted tweet from industry veteran and insider, Jason Schreier. You can check out the screenshot here on NeoGAF . The tweet reads:

"Avowed has gone through some reboots and changed directors pretty recently. Dunno if it’ll be there today, but I wouldn’t expect to play it for a while."

This was in response to someone hoping to hear more about the upcoming first-person fantasy RPG from Obsidian.  Schreier likely deleted the tweet as it was pounced on pretty quickly. He followed up with an  update on ResetEra, saying

"Just to reiterate: 'I have no idea whether the game will be shown off today, but it went through a major leadership change last year and has been rebooted multiple times.'"


(Image credit: Obsidian)

The line-up for the event may have leaked ahead of time over on LinkedIn. A Microsoft employee's post was spotted by The Verge's Tom Warren on Twitter (via GamingBolt) that was hyping up the show.

They reeled off a list of titles that viewers could "expect appearances" from including Starfield, ForzaMotorSport, Redfall, and Avowed. 

Redfall poster image

(Image credit: Bethesda Softworks)

The show is just over an hour away now, so it's time to start gathering up your drinks, snacks, and thinking about get comfortable. In the meantime, just like in the runup to Summer Game Gest, here's what everyone at TRG is hoping to see at the Xbox Bethesda Showcase. First up is news writer extraordinaire, Callum Baines.

Callum: I’d be delighted to see the spotlight shone on Avowed, Obsidian’s upcoming first-person fantasy RPG. It’s remained aggravatingly absent since revealing itself back in 2020, leaving us with only a minute-and-a-half reveal trailer to salivate over. But even with that scant showing, there’s plenty to get excited about. Avowed looks to ape the spell-slinging, sword-swinging combat of Skyrim, and is set within the same universe as Pillars of Eternity – saving you from having to learn yet another tome of intricate fantasy lore.

Between Fallout: New Vegas, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, and The Outer Worlds, Obsidian has shown it’s a studio that can brilliantly iterate on the ideas of others, taking an already acclaimed series to exceedingly ambitious heights. Everything suggests that the challenge of transporting Skyrim’s beloved, but dated, action-RPG template to contemporary hardware is a recipe for success. If studio director Josh Sawyer’s tweets are anything to go by, there’s no slim chance it will be appearing tonight.

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