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Backbone One – PlayStation Edition turns your iPhone into a wannabe DualSense

PS Remote Play is still a thing, and the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition is just the reminder we needed.

While it's not on a par with Xbox Cloud Gaming, PS Remote Play does let you stream PS4 and PS5 games on the go using your smartphone's mobile data. This wasn't always the case, but a PS5 firmware update last year added the feature. So players aren't stuck at home tethered to their consoles with pseudo-portable gaming sessions. And now they can keep things on brand with the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition.

Unveiled on the PlayStation blog, the DualSense-inspired iPhone controller is just the regular Backbone One with a new paint job. Everything else is exactly the same as the black version. Including the layout, which mirrors the Xbox Wireless Controller more than it does the DualSense. Well, almost. Being an official PlayStation controller, the face buttons sport the four PlayStation symbols, rather than the lettered face buttons of the Xbox controller.

An iPhone in DualSense's clothing

Backbone CEO and founder, Maneet Khaira, confirmed that the PS5 controller's signature adaptive triggers and haptic feedback haven't been incorporated into the controller. It would negatively impact the "size, ergonomics and weight" of the Backbone One, he told Digital Trends

"Love the DualSense, it’s one of our favorite controllers ever made, Khaira said. "This product is distinct in that it’s used primarily on mobile devices which have smaller form factors, and is therefore subject to its own unique constraints."

The Backbone One – PlayStation Edition can accommodate as many iPhone models as the original black variant thanks to the adjustable rail. Because it's pretty much identical. Hypothetically, you can use this official PlayStation colorway with your iPhone and boot up Game Pass for kicks and giggles, if that's your thing. But the inputs will more than likely throw you off thanks to the PlayStation face buttons. 

The Backbone One – PlayStation Edition is available to buy now in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands with Sony promising that launches in additional countries are on the way. It's priced at $99.99 /  £99.99 / AU$179.99.

An Android version of the black Backbone One variant is available to pre-order, shipping this November. But there's no indication of an Android PS Edition on the website just yet.  

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