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Halo Infinite Forge leaked footage has us craving its customization

A couple of leaked Halo Infinite Forge mode videos have our minds racing at the feature's wealth of possibilities.

Halo Infinite's much-anticipated Forge mode still doesn't have a release date. But recently leaked videos show off some seriously promising scripting elements. One shows a Call of Duty-style Zombies mode could be possible, while another showcases a device that turns your guns into... well, better guns (thanks, Wccftech).

The videos, uploaded by YouTuber Helioskrub, show off two very different applications of Halo Infinite Forge mode's potentially deep scripting elements. While neither video is especially granular, they do hint that Halo Infinite could have the most customizable Forge mode to date.

Spartan survival

The first leaked Halo Infinite Forge mode video showcases the player building a makeshift barricade to block a window. As Helioskrub points out, a Call of Duty-style Zombies survival mode might be possible to make in Forge mode.

Of course, that's also banking on players being able to place AI-controlled enemies to pit your survival skills against. But it could also work as a creative spin on Halo's iconic Infection multiplayer mode. Infection pits a team of survivors against 'infected' players, who are typically only able to use melee weapons. If a survivor is killed, they become infected themselves.

A Zombies mode made in Forge would be absolutely perfect for Halo's iconic Flood enemies. Sadly, the zombie-like Flood don't make an appearance in Halo Infinite. But if the new Forge mode does support the placement of AI-controlled actors, we'd love to see Flood assets from Halo: The Master Chief Collection repurposed for Halo Infinite.

Bigger, better guns

The second video shows off a working 'Pack-a-Punch' machine that the player can put their weapons into. By depositing enough points (generated by a separate button for testing purposes), the player can upgrade their weapons to reflect their beefier campaign versions.

Halo Infinite's campaign weapons are vastly more powerful than those found in multiplayer. This could lead to some hilariously broken multiplayer matches with Spartans lighting up arenas with explosive pistols.

The creator notes that creating the Pack-a-Punch machine is actually a lot of work. That's because each weapon needs its own scripting path in order to make the upgrade possible. So, if you wanted to add upgrades for every weapon in the game, you'll probably have a pretty massive scripting task ahead of you.

Bags of potential

What the leaker has shown in the above videos is likely a pretty early build of Halo Infinite's Forge mode. It's fairly buggy and prone to crashing, which we'd like to think will be cleaned up when it comes to the final release.

Traditionally, created Forge mode maps are tied to a 'budget' system. This places a hard cap on the amount of objects you can place on the map. Thanks to the increased power of the Xbox Series X|S, though, Halo Infinite's Forge mode should hopefully allow for a much higher budget cap than previous games.

Unfortunately, we still don't know when Forge mode will come to Halo Infinite. But the game shouldn't be wanting for updates much longer. Halo Infinite's campaign co-op is finally on the horizon, and previously leaked footage shows that the long-awaited mode was likely worth the wait.

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