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Here’s your first look at Logitech’s Steam Deck rival

The first images of Logitech's upcoming handheld console have appeared online, and it looks like a Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch had a baby.

Following the release of Valve’s Steam Deck, Logitech is trying to muscle into the handheld gaming space with a console of its own. It's expected to launch a portable cloud gaming system later this year, although hasn’t officially released any images of the system.

Prolific leaker, Evan Blass, professes to have given us our first glimpse of the console, uploading three images to Twitter. All three have since been removed at the request of Logitech, possibly confirming their authenticity. They've been re-uploaded across social media by other users. 

Meet the Nintendo Deck

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The console’s design is certainly reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch. Two analog sticks flank the central screen, slightly out of horizontal alignment. A set of four buttons sit on one side, opposite a D-pad on the other. There are two bumpers and triggers on each corner, a home button, and what looks like a memory card slot. A yellow button in the bottom left corner shows the Logitech icon, while an audio jack can be spotted on the console’s bottom edge.

Its UI also looks similar to that of the Nintendo Switch, with its home screen showing a carousel of apps that can be navigated from left to right. One of the apps shown is the Google Play Store, suggesting the handheld will support some – if not all of – the best Android games

The handheld also looks to feature two protruding grips on either side, bringing its design closer in line with the Steam Deck’s molded, ergonomic shape. But it's the device's software support that might make it a true competitor for Valve. Supporting both Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now, it'll let you stream the biggest triple-A games from anywhere that supports a strong enough internet connection.

While the Steam Deck is pitched as an on-the-go PC, Logitech’s new gear is more like a portable console that’ll let you play a roster of games you’d usually find on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. We'll have to see how much the system costs to determine just how competitive it really is.

Logitech plans to launch the device later this year, although we're still waiting to hear an exact release date, the name of the console, and the dimensions of its screen. Owners of Valve’s handheld might not need it all, however, as a nifty workaround will let you play Xbox Game Pass on your Steam Deck

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