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Xbox Series S games are about to get a performance boost

Xbox Series S games are in for a boost thanks to Microsoft making more memory available for the console.

The small but mighty Xbox Series S is a great option if you don't want to splurge on an Xbox Series X right now. It may not be as powerful, but with the rollout of Xbox Cloud Gaming, hardware specs aren't everything anymore. And now, Microsoft's June Game Development Kit (GDK) update is giving the console a much-needed performance boost. 

"Hundreds of additional megabytes of memory are now available to Xbox Series S developers. This gives developers more control over memory, which can improve graphics performance in memory-constrained conditions," says the video update, which you can see below.

Unleash the beast 

The Xbox Series S' memory constraints are something that has been irking developers for a while. Digital Foundry (via The Verge) revealed that "multiple developers" have felt that the console has "been a bit of a pain at times."

It's not a CPU or GPU power issue, according to the anecdote. Memory constraints are the culprit. That's why some players may have noticed a disparity between third-party and first-party games on the Xbox Series S in the past – which is what triggered the Digital Foundry comments to begin with.

Microsoft has also improved performance for graphics allocations. The result of that is that Xbox Series S games can "take better advantage" of the console's various recent memory enhancements. And it won't negatively affect graphics performance. 

There are a few other updates and features rolling out alongside this. The company's platforms will now enforce age restrictions on DLC, for example. Age-restricted accounts will be notified for parental consent in the new API. 

You can check out the key differences between the Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S if you're wondering whether to hold out for the pricier, harder-to-find Xbox Series X. Between the continued firmware updates and the  Xbox Game Pass family plan – finally confirmed by Xbox – you can upgrade to the current gen console and save a bundle. Without feeling like you're getting the lite experience. 

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