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One of the best FPS games ever is free for PS Plus subscribers this month

Sony has announced the next batch of free games coming to PS Plus, and there’s a fantastic FPS among them.

Leading the pack of October’s free PS Plus games is Superhot, an action movie wrapped in a puzzle shooter. The indie game’s central gimmick is that time only moves when you do, letting you dodge bullets and grab weapons mid-air as you fight through a series of challenge rooms. Combat is frenetic, and its time-bending gunplay makes it a refreshing remix of a well-trodden genre.

Originally released on PC in 2016, before coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, Superhot turned heads with its sleek shooing and abstract visuals. We reckon its fine mix of tactical maneuvering and chaotic bullet hells makes it one of the best FPS games around. Its VR spinoff – Superhot VR – is also one of the best VR games to play, brilliantly demonstrating the potential of the medium.

Hot stuff

A group of red figures in Superhot attacking the player

(Image credit: Superhot Team)

In a blog post, Sony announced that Superhot will be joined by 2017 superhero fighting game Injustice 2. From the creators of Mortal Kombat, Injustice pits a bunch of twisted DC superheroes against one another in ludicrous beat-‘em-up matches. You can play through its single-player campaign to stop the evil Superman, or hop straight into an online fight to smash (or be smashed).

Hot Wheels Unleashed will also be up for grabs. The arcade racing game lets you collect, build and drive the titular toys, as well as create your own tracks in a fairly powerful track builder. It also features two-player split-screen and fairly chaotic 12-player online multiplayer modes. The game might be based on a line of toys, but it’s a surprisingly comprehensive arcade racer.

All three games are available for PS Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium members from Tuesday, October 4 until Monday, October 31. Subscribers will have until Monday, October 3 to download last month’s batch of free games: Need for Speed Heat, Granblue Fantasy: Versus, and Toem.  

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