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PS5 console exclusive Deathloop has appeared on the Xbox Series X

Temporally challenged PS5 shooter Deathloop looks set to hit Xbox consoles soon, marking an end to its PlayStation console exclusivity.

A year after Deathloop launched as a PS5 timed exclusive, an advert for the game has appeared on the Xbox Series X|S home screen. In the ‘Store’ section of the dashboard, a tile shows a promotional image of the game, overlaid with the text “pre-order now”.

The advert is currently non-functional. The Microsoft Store app briefly appeared when I clicked it, only hanging on a buffer screen. The advert was likely released too early but suggests Deathloop will be coming to Xbox in the near future.

Perfect timing

The Xbox Series X|S dashboard showing a pre-order advert for Deathloop

(Image credit: Future)

Deathloop was expected to jump onto Xbox consoles by the end of the year. A gameplay trailer released before its launch suggested the game would not be available on other consoles until at least a year after its release – making September 2022 the likeliest period for an Xbox port to appear. 

Its move to Xbox Series X|S is also something of an inevitability. Although Deathloop was released as a PS5 exclusive, it was published by Bethesda and developed by Arkane – two Microsoft-owned studios. Sony arranged the game’s PS5 exclusivity before Microsoft had completed its purchase of Bethesda, leaving the Xbox owner to publish a game on its biggest rival's console.

Deathloop will likely launch on Xbox Game Pass, too. Microsoft has been keen to put first-party titles and Bethesda-published games on the subscription service to shore up its value. With Dishonored 2 and Doom Eternal already on the platform – and Starfield on the way – we suspect Deathloop will soon join them.

The game won’t leave the PS5 behind, though, with Sony only recently adding it to the Extra and Premium tiers of PS Plus.

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