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Splatoon 3 mobile app updated with brilliant new time saver

I've an inkling you'll love this new Splatoon 3 mobile app update, which features a delightful new time-saving feature.

The Splatoon 3 mobile app is already great, offering plenty of complementary features to bolster your experience with the Nintendo Switch shooter. This latest update, though, adds a lovely little time-saving feature, as you can now add various Splatoon 3 widgets directly to your phone's Home screen.

It sounds like a small improvement, but it'll save you having to open the Nintendo Switch Online app, followed by the Splatoon 3 app, every time you want to check your stats or the current stage rotation. Instead, you can skip straight to your favorite features without needing to open the NSO app at all.

How to add Splatoon 3 widgets to your phone

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Widgets work on both Android and iOS devices, but you'll first need to make sure the Nintendo Switch Online app is updated to the latest version. To do that, just head to the Nintendo Switch Online app page on the App Store or Google Play, and tap 'Update' if you need to.

When you've got the latest version of the app downloaded, tap and hold any empty space on your phone's Home screen. Then tap 'Widgets' and scroll down to 'Nintendo Switch Online.' You'll now see widgets for your battle logs, current gear, stage schedule and rotation, and your photo album.

Simply tap one of these widgets, followed by 'Add' to have it appear on your home screen, easily visible without needing to open up the app. Of course, you'll still need to load up the app if you want to order new gear and items to pick up in-game, as well as to interact with other features like the brilliant Wandercrust minigame.

Still, it's a nice little update for those who like to view their stats and gear at a glance. And might even make it easier to see if your favorite Splatoon 3 map is currently in rotation.

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