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Diablo 4 leak shows you’ll be able to skip the whole campaign

Newly leaked screenshots of Diablo 4 suggest you’ll be able to skip the upcoming action RPG’s main campaign.

Following a massive leak that gave us our best looks at Diablo 4 yet, more screenshots of the game’s test build have appeared online. Uploaded to Imgur and spotted by GamesRadar, the images show various sections of its character creation menu from the Russian language version of the RPG.

The character selection screen includes several optional toggles. When translated through Google, one of these buttons reads “Skip Campaign”.

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A Barbarian fighting hordes of demons in Diablo 4

(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

The details of how campaign skipping will work are unclear. It’s not obvious whether you’ll be able to sidestep Diablo 4’s campaign right from the get-go, or if you'll have to complete the single-player adventure at least once before having the option to skip it with future characters.

Diablo 3 allowed players to skip its main campaign following the release of the Reaper of Souls expansion. By completing the RPG’s main questline once, players can choose to ditch the campaign entirely with future characters and play Adventure Mode instead. The optional game mode replaces storyline quests with randomly generated dungeons called Rifts and a series of 25 objective-based quests called Bounties.

The mode is popular among series fans. Opening up Diablo 3 beyond its linear campaign, it lets you explore the entirety of the game’s map while testing out new classes and builds. Being able to jump straight into Adventure Mode without needing to complete the game’s 10-hour storyline every time you create a new character keeps the game feeling relatively fresh.

The screenshots also suggest Diablo 4 will contain six acts plus a prologue and epilogue, marking a departure from the five-act structure of Diablo 3 and Diablo 2. Images of the game’s character creator show players will be able to change the color of their character’s clothing, decorate them with a variety of tattoos and accessories, as well as pick between various body types.

Leaks from earlier this year suggest campaign skipping won’t be the only feature that’s returning from Diablo 3. A Smart Loot system will ensure enemy drops are targeted to your character’s class and stats, while a pared-down version of player trading also looks to be making a comeback. At least Diablo 4 won’t copy the panned monetization systems of Diablo Immortal. 

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