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Don't install the new Resident Evil 8 patch if you value your save file

If you decided to play Resident Evil Village over the weekend on Steam, then chances are you were kicked from the game and locked out before you could say Lady Dimitrescu. 

Affected players were met with a sudden black screen and a message telling them their data was “incompatible”. If you tried to restart Resident Evil Village, you were locked out of your save file – no horrific monsters for you this weekend. 

The culprit of this crash-causing and save-corrupting bug may be because you own a specific DLC. Capcom introduced new "anti-tamper code” in the latest patch to Village, Steam user FluffyQuack says in a forum post. This is meant to prevent any modifications to the game, but it seems as if this has malfunctioned and is blanket crashing users’ games. 

Capcom has acknowledged the bug and says an official fix is on the way:

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Repeating history 

This isn’t Capcom’s first PC-crashing rodeo. Back in 2007, Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 port wreaked havoc on unsuspecting PC players. Unfortunately, Capcom ported the inferior Playstation 2 version, not the superior Nintendo GameCube build.

Initially, the PC version shipped with none of the original lighting, lower-quality textures, and an infestation of bugs. All of this resulted in unhappy customers and even more unhappy PCs, as the bugs caused plenty of them to crash. 

Capcom eventually hired the company QLOC to develop another PC port, later released on Steam as the Ultimate HD edition in 2014. 

Who cares? 

Funnily enough, people don’t seem to be too annoyed by this destructive patch. Just one look at Capcom’s Twitter replies to their apology post will show you what the people really want: the Resident Evil Showcase. 

The Resident Evil Showcase will begin October 20, 2022 (6pm ET/ 3pm PT/ 10pm GMT/ 9am Wednesday AEDT)

The Showcase provides the latest news and announcements on updates, trailers, and more to do with the Resident Evil series. It has fans foaming at the mouth with people calling for more information on the Resident Evil 4 remake. Hopefully, Capcom can sort out all the bugs this time around before the PC release. 

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