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Nintendo Switch Online is getting not one, but two Mario Party games next month

Nintendo Switch Online's a lively place to be in November, with not one but two Mario Party games coming to Expansion Pack's N64 library.

It's not been all that long since the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service added Pilotwings 64 to its roster of N64 games. Barely taking a moment to rest, the premium Expansion Pack tier's N64 roster will receive Mario Party and Mario Party 2 on November 2.

This marks the first time, since its launch, that the Nintendo Switch's N64 library has received more than one game on the same day. Between now and launch, we've typically seen games like Pokémon Puzzle League and Wave Race 64 land on the service at a steady clip of one a month. Two Mario Party games coming on the same day marks a pretty interesting change for the service.

What's ahead for Nintendo Switch Online's N64 library?

Putting aside the fact that we're getting two N64 games just a fortnight after Pilotwings 64, their speedy addition could mean there's more N64 goodness in store than Nintendo has, up until now, let on.

We know that Mario Party 3 is also coming to Nintendo Switch Online this year. It'll be joined by Pokémon Stadium, Pokémon Stadium 2, 1080 Snowboarding and Excitebike 64 in 2023.

This leaves December 2022 wide open for another confirmed N64 game: GoldenEye 007. No release date for the legendary shooter has been made available yet. But if it's not coming in December, then what is?

Either Nintendo has a surprise N64 game lined up for the Holiday period – potentially a cult classic like Space Station Silicon Valley or Mischief Makers – or we're getting GoldenEye 007 much sooner than we expected. Or, you know, Nintendo could be skipping December entirely given that we're getting two Mario Party games in November. But that's a possibility that makes me sad.

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