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The DualSense Edge is demonstrably overpriced even by premium standards

Sony has finally unveiled the cost of the DualSense Edge, and its high price point is honestly a little shocking.

The DualSense Edge wireless controller for PS5 will run you a hefty $199.99 / £209.99 (Australian pricing to be announced). For your money, you're getting swappable modules like thumbstick caps and back paddles, textured grips, a white-on-black aesthetic, and miscellany including a carry case and a lockable USB-C connector housing.

That's a fair bit more than the cost of a standard DualSense controller, which retails for $69.99 / £59.99 / AU$109.95. It's also just beyond the ballpark of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2's $179.99 / £159.99 / AU$249.95. It's not a million miles off the cost of an Xbox Series S, either, which is typically priced at $299.99 / £249.99 / AU$499.

As Sony's first foray into the 'Pro' controller market, the DualSense Edge will seriously need to impress at that high price point. But given everything we know so far, I'm not too confident it's up to the task.

More than a few DualCents

Yes, Pro or premium controllers are typically expensive. And in the throes of a cost of living crisis, buyers will often be left wondering if expensive Pro controllers are worth it. When it comes to the Xbox Elite Series 2, or third-party pads like the Revolution X, I'd say I've personally gotten my money's worth.

But that isn't going to be enough of a reason for the average buyer. Pro controllers are a luxury purchase but, even on those grounds, I think the DualSense Edge is demonstrably not worth its higher price tag when its competition is offering more for less.

At face value, the Edge seems to at least match the Elite Series 2 from a features perspective. Textured grips, changeable modules, trigger dead zone toggles and profile settings are all standard, present, and accounted for.

However, the Edge only has two back paddles as opposed to the Elite Series 2's four. Its new Function buttons don't appear to be remappable, and sit right under the analog sticks where they could be pressed accidentally quite easily. At least when it comes to klutzes like me.

We've also heard nothing of improvements to the DualSense's standout haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. That, and the lack of details on battery life, is worrying considering that's the one area Sony's excellent pad could use some serious improvement.

Now, the DualSense Edge is likely to be similarly excellent to its default counterpart. Pro features are always welcome, and the included USB-C connector housing is a fantastic addition. But when you can buy a fully customized Xbox Design Lab Elite Series 2 for a comparable (or cheaper in the UK) price, I think Sony may have overestimated how much PS5 owners are willing to spend on a Pro pad.

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