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Overwatch 2's new tank is too good, like game-breaking good

Now that Overwatch 2’s been in our twitchy hands for a month, Blizzard is ready to show off a brand-new hero. A sentient robot armed with a bucket of badassitude. This towering omnic is Terminator meets monk and makes his presence known on and off the battlefield. With his booming voice and his menacing size, it will be hard to miss Overwatch 2’s newest tank. 

Ramattra is the new hero on the block, and he’s set to take over the tank class in Overwatch 2 with all new abilities and fighting style. The main crux of Ramattra’s design is that he is specifically made for 5v5, and reflects this in his ability to shift from a more traditional main tank to a tank that fits into a dive comp – he can be a big, tough shield for his team, or he can be more mobile and aggressive. Honestly, it’s the best of both worlds. 

Ramattra looks like he will become a vital part of the lore of Overwatch 2 and also an essential member of the team. 

Leagues ahead 

Ramattra was announced during the Grand Final of the Overwatch League, and honestly, it’s the most exciting thing that happened throughout the tournament. I watched Overwatch League religiously for the first two seasons but dropped off as the competitive scene became stale.

I’d dearly hoped that Overwatch 2, with all its changes, was what was needed to revitalize the League, but this has been one of the dullest seasons yet. Almost every team has played the same five heroes; Winston, Sojourn, Reaper, Lucio, and Kiriko. No matter how outstanding the aim or strategy of the players is, after watching the same composition over and over again, I can’t help but feel like I’m in Groundhog Day.

The League reflects a significant issue with Overwatch 2 that we mere mortals encounter daily. Picks like Sojourn and Kiriko are simply better suited to the new 5v5 format than other heroes. If you don’t pick one of these heroes, your team is at a disadvantage. Blizzard needs to level the playing field and make the game’s other heroes viable again. 

Overwatch 2

(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

New kid on the block

This is why Ramattra is both a blessing and a curse. Thanks to his dual forms, he can be mobile and rapid like Winston one moment and switch to the shield abilities of a main tank like Reinhart the next. 

Ramattra could become the obvious choice for tank players

Ramattra’s complex abilities should produce more creative fights, along with different options for a dive composition. However, there is a good chance Ramattra becomes an even bigger issue than we have already seen.

Traditionally tanks are either slow and strong or fast and aggressive. That divide worked well in the original Overwatch because of its 6v6 teams. You could have two tanks, a main and a flex, who would fulfill these different roles. Now there is only one tank space available in Overwatch 2, so tank players have to choose between speed and durability.

However, in offering the best of both worlds, Ramattra could become the obvious choice for tank players. So, instead of shaking up Overwatch 2, this new hero could make things even staler. It’s hard to predict what will happen as the community ultimately decides his fate.

In a progression that mirrors humanity’s own obsolescence in the face of AI and mechanical advances, it looks like Overwatch 2’s meta will see Winston’s monkey replaced by Ramattra’s omnic. Jeez, cheers, for bringing the mood down, Blizzard.

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