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You won’t have to wait 327 years for these Overwatch 2 skins

After much-justified grumbling from longtime Overwatch players, Blizzard has cut the prices of old cosmetics.

The release of Overwatch 2 saw Blizzard re-releasing skins and other cosmetics from the original game. The price for one of these older skins was pretty steep, setting you back 1900 coins – that's USD19 / GBP16.34 / AUD29.26 per cosmetic. Blizzard has lowered the price after complaints from fans, but there’s a catch.

Kiriko shop page

(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

One step forward  

Legacy legendary skins now cost 1000 coins (USD10 / GBP8.60 / AUD15.40), but only if you buy them with coins earned from playing the original Overwatch. This means that new players can’t enjoy these cheaper sales. 

There are further caveats to this deal since the reduced price only pertains to non-event legacy legendary skins (try and say that quickly without stumbling). So you'll have to pay the original price if you’re looking to snag some old Christmas skins in time for the holiday season. 

Since Overwatch 2’s release, the new shop has proved controversial. While the skins and items from the previous game are available, buying them all will cost over USD10,000. Many of these items were available for free in the original game. This change to legacy skins and credits is a much-needed step in the right direction. 

While it’s not the same as getting the skins for free, like in the first game, it’s at least a little more affordable. Not only does this demonstrate that Blizzard is listening to players' recommendations and complaints, but it also rewards longtime players who saved up their legacy credits – when Overwatch 2 launched, the money you earned in the original game transferred to the sequel, but it wasn’t worth as much as fresh coins. By offering legacy prices, it takes some of the sting out of having to buy cosmetics that used to be available for free. 

The new hero Ramattra

(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Limited deal 

Blizzard has not indicated that this is a limited-time offer. Hopefully, this will be a permanent change to the shop. However, legacy credits are unfortunately finite. As you could only earn them from the original Overwatch, there is no way to save up legacy credits now the game has been discontinued.

Your only other option for saving up Overwatch 2 credits and getting the legacy skins for free is to earn coins by completing the weekly challenges. At a maximum rate of 60 coins a week, you’ll be able to buy all the legacy skins in [checks notes] 327 years. 

This isn’t a massive step forward, it won’t be saving the 35 million Overwatch 2 players a great deal of money, but at least it makes the pain of USD19 skin prices hurt a little less. 

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