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Diablo 4 finally gets a release date alongside a brutal new cinematic trailer

The hotly anticipated Diablo 4 finally has a release date which was revealed at The Game Awards 2022. Halsey took to the stage to serenade what looks to be the bloodiest in the series to date. 

Diablo 4 is slated to release on June 6, 2023, so fans will roughly have to wait half a year to get their hands on the long-awaited next-generation installment in the dungeon crawler franchise. While we've covered how the game brings the series into the 2020s, what's on offer visually is unlike anything we've seen yet. 

We've seen some awesome reveals already from The Game Awards 2022 with titles spanning all different genres worth keeping in mind as we head into next year. Already announced so far include Death Stranding 2 and Dune Awakening just to name a few announcements made so far. 

Diablo 4 - World Premiere Trailer 

The new lengthy Diablo 4 world premiere trailer clocks in at just under three minutes long and shows off more of the factions available in the title. Blood, fire, and battles is the core theme, and much like Blizzard's previous work, it's a true spectacle to behold.

Fans have waited an incredibly long time to play this one, as the original reveal retailer for Diablo 4 was teased all the way back in 2019. In total, you're looking at a four-year wait between reveal and release. In actuality, though, seasoned series vets have endured over a decade from the last mainline release. That's because Diablo Immortal wasn't exactly the successor anyone wanted. We said as much in our write-up with a 2-star review. 

We're confident that Diablo 4 will be worth the wait. Everything we've seen up to this point paints an encouraging picture. We'll keep you posted when gameplay goes live in the coming months; this is one title you're not going to want to miss out on. 

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