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Dune Awakening in-engine trailer shows off the stunning MMO world of the series

An in-engine trailer for Dune Awakening has been shown off at The Game Awards which gives MMO fans the first proper look at how the Sci-fi epic is going to translate into the RPG format. It's being developed by Age of Conan team Funcom, so it should be well worth playing! 

Whether you're a fan of the books or movies, Dune Awakening is sure to be set on a grand scale as the franchise isn't exactly known for quick-to-breeze through. Keep in mind that the trailer footage we've seen is very much pre-alpha so things are rough around the edges, however, there's no mistaking that what's on display is Dune to its very core. 

This announcement is just a taste of what we've seen so far from The Game Awards 2022, so if you're not tuned in already then we recommend keeping up with the new reveals and the category winners alike. Everything we've seen so far certainly points to this show offering up some excellent games. 

Dune Awakening Pre-Alpha teaser trailer 

Here's the first official look at Dune Awakening from the game in its early state. Not much has been revealed apart from the game world and a whole lot of desert land to make your own. 

Now, there's far more than just sand here. We've also got a look at some of the flying vehicles you'll be able to pilot in the game as well as an imposing clocked figure who makes quite the impression despite his brief appearance. How will this play out when gamers get their hands on this kind of kit and clothing? Well, that remains to be seen. 

If you're a fan of Dune then you'll definitely want to keep this on your radar. With a sequel to last year's smash hit epic in slated for 2023 as well, next year is looking like an excellent time to be into the series. If you've never given the franchise a look in, it's not too late; what's been shown off is certainly impressive from a visual standpoint. 

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