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Ken Levine's Judas trailer just dropped and it's looking like the best of BioShock

A new game by the team behind BioShock, entitled Judas, has been announced at The Game Awards with a trailer that shows off some of project lead Ken Levine's masterful worldbuilding and some familiar elements to long-time fans. 

It's the first game in development from Ghost Story Games, which was formed from the ashes of Irrational Games back in 2017. The Judas trailer is here and shows off a lot to be excited about despite its fairly limited length. 

If you haven't tuned in to the show yet, you can catch up with all you need to know about The Game Awards 2022 so that you don't miss a thing. It's coming in thick and fast, with awards being handed out alongside excellent reveals like this one, so plenty to be excited about. 

Judas Official Reveal Trailer - The Game Awards 2022

The official reveal trailer, which clocks in at 1:29 minutes, makes a striking impression, especially for those familiar with Levine's previous works on the BioShock and System Shock franchises. When it comes to immersive sims, there are few names that can stand to the same level as what this man's visions have given gamers for well over two decades now. 


(Image credit: Ghost Story Games)

In particular, we see an injured woman approaching our protagonist crowbar in hand as the flames surround her, which could be a call back to the opening scenes of the original BioShock. More exciting, though, is the powers on display. The main character has a kind of stopwatch built into the middle of their left hand, which appears to simulate the styles of Plasmids and Vigors before them. Flames emit from their hand, which could be used as a ranged weapon of some kind.

There's traditional weaponry, too, such as a crossbow which leans more on the Cyberpunk / Sci-fi edge as opposed to the Randian dystopian setting of before. What Levine game would be complete without decadence and beauty? There's pop culture and flair to be found to be sure. We're looking forward to this one when it launches next year. No release date has been announced yet, but we'll be bringing you more as soon as we can.

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