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Street Fighter 6 beta results are in, and it’s good news for PS5 players

Following the latest closed beta, a Japanese games testing collective published its Street Fighter 6 findings and showed how the new Input Delay Reduction (IDR) feature helps fix latency issues.

The second closed Street Fighter 6 beta saw this new feature in action, which was added by Capcom to decrease the lag experienced on PS5. Kimagre Gaming’s report published on its Twitter page breaks the numbers down for us.

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The same feature will be implemented on Xbox Series X|S, but Kimagre was only able to test the PS5 version.

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Street Fighter 6 is slated for a 2023 release, and Capcom has crammed plenty of new features into it to bring Street Fighter’s martial art machinations up to the standards of a modern day audience. One of these features is its anti-lag IDR feature – and judging from Kimagre’s findings, it’s a subtle but useful one for you next-gen gamers.

Tests show that the function will be most useful if you’re playing using a higher graphics resolution, allowing you to have the same high-quality visuals without having to make the sacrifice of higher latency.

According to Kimagre Gaming (via Eventhubs), turning on the IDR function can reduce lag from over 5 frames to 3.67 if you’re playing at 4K graphics resolution, and a very similar 3.68 frames if you’re playing at 1440p resolution. Although there is not a noticeable difference between the two resolutions when you switch on IDR, it does mean that the feature works as a general latency equalizer no matter which of the higher resolutions you choose to play with on your PS5.

The same can’t be said for the 1080p resolution test, which showed pretty similar results both with and without IDR turned on; there’s only .29 difference between them. Kimagre was not able to test the recently announced 120Hz display mode, which would supposedly take this lag down even further.

This is just one of many new tweaks and toggles that we can expect baked into Street Fighter 6, including game-changing accessibility features that could open it up to a whole new faction of gamers. From sound effects that alert you to how close your opponent is, to being able to track your combos using audio cues, it seems that Capcom is striving to create a fighting game that keeps everyone in mind – whether you’re playing in 4K or not.

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