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The Razer Edge could be the perfect Game Pass streaming handheld

The Razer Edge’s release date reveal at CES 2023 shows the hardware manufacturer’s next foray into the cloud gaming market is coming soon. You won’t have to wait long for the company’s handheld, as it’s launching on January 26. 

Billed by the brand as “the ultimate Android gaming handheld”, the Razer Edge releases in three variants. The base Wi-Fi starts at $399.99, the Founders Edition comes in at $499.99, and the 5G version retails for $599.99. The new handheld is set for a US-only launch at the time of writing, with no confirmed details regarding an international release date yet. 

Under the hood, Razer’s next streaming handheld seems to be ideal for Xbox Game Pass and for those looking for a proper, tailored Android gaming experience. That’s because the Razer Edge is running the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 1, one of the stronger mobile CPUs on the market to date.

Screen-wise, you’re looking at an FHD+ (2400 x 1080) display, 6.8-inch AMOLED 144Hz with 8GB RAM. It’s certainly no slouch in the hardware department. However, unlike the Steam Deck, the Razer Edge does not feature the ability to natively play PC games. Whether this unit can stack up as one of the best Android tablets remains to be seen. Essentially, this is a tablet with Razer Kishi-style controllers built into each side. 

Reserve the Razer Edge | $5 from Razer
The Razer Edge is scheduled to release in the US on January 26 in three configurations. If you want to be among the few early adopters to get your hands on this streaming device, then this is an ideal way to avoid any potential disappointment.  View Deal

A few interesting additions to this entry into cloud gaming immediately separate it from its competitors, like the Logitech G Cloud. Such inclusions as the HyperSense haptic feedback, active cooling, and built-in stereo mics are features you don’t typically see on handheld devices. Of course, this is far from Razer’s first venture into the Android gaming space, as we saw impressive results a few years back with the Razer Phone and Razer Phone

Arguably, the biggest strength of the Razer Edge is the 5G compatibility. While you’re certainly paying a premium for the connectivity service, having a good data plan could mean you can stream the best Xbox Game Pass games wherever you are without having to rely on your phone. With the controls built in, and the more-than-respectable hardware at the helm, there’s a strong chance that this could be the best handheld for Xbox Game Pass to date.  

We’ll be bringing you future coverage on the Razer Edge once we get our hands on the unit itself. 

Is the Razer Edge really the Razer Phone 3?

Despite being an Android-powered device, the Razer Edge is not part of the Razer Phone lineup. It will not make phone calls or work as a phone in any capacity. According to sources such as Mothership, the Razer phone was discontinued, and future plans were abandoned for a sequel in 2019 when layoffs hit the company. 

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