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You can now stop your PS5's mega beep from waking up the neighborhood

Have you ever wanted to play your PS5 in the dead of night, but you’re afraid of the dreaded beep waking up the entire house? You won’t have to worry anymore, as some clever gamers have discovered a way to wake the console up without the headache. 

It all comes down to the PS Remote Play app available on your iPhone or Android smartphone. The key to waking the PS5 console without the infernal beep is connecting via data (such as 4G / 5G) with WiFi disabled. 

Once you’ve done that, the PS5 should wake up without a noise. You can then close the app and pick up your DualSense controller to play some of the best PS5 games quietly. The loud beeping of the console waking from rest mode has been a meme since the launch of the system, with images circulating of partners being rudely awoken by people wanting to cram some late-night gaming in before bed.  

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Can I disable or turn down the volume of the PS5 beep?

Without question, the PS5’s starting beep is the loudest of any PlayStation console in the lineup. While both the PS4 and the PS3 before it made a sound when being turned on, the volume was certainly cranked up to 11 with the current-generation machine. At present, there’s no way to turn down the volume of the PS5 start-up beep or shut it off entirely without this work around. Enabling remote play for silent starting of the system may be your best way to go if you’re trying to sneak in a little Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or UFC 4 while your girlfriend sleeps next to you.  

There’s more you can do with your smartphone with the PS5 other than quiet start ups, though. You’re also able to download games onto the console from the PS Plus Game Catalog without having to be anywhere near the machine. All you need to do is go to the Game Library section on the PS app and tap on the title you want to install. From there, you simply hit ‘download to console’ and then the linked system will automatically wake and get that content downloading. It may make a sound in the process, but hopefully no one’s around to hear it.  

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