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Past Wordle answers - every solution so far, by date

Memorizing all of the past Wordle answers is nearly impossible - after all, there have now been more than 600 of them. But knowing what's gone before is important, because Wordle answers don't repeat - so you could easily be wasting guesses.

What you need then, is a list of past Wordle answers - and that's what I've made for you here. It's organized by month and you can simply search the page to see whether the word you're thinking of has already been used.

So pick one of the best Wordle starting words, take a look at the Wordle clues for today and keep this list close when you're playing - your streak will thank you.

Today's Wordle answer: game #604, Monday, February 13, 2023

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You might well be visiting this page while playing today's Wordle - in which case you might not want the answer spoiled for you. With that in mind, we've hidden it below. Click the button if you definitely want to see today's Wordle answer.

  • Today's Wordle answer, game #604, is… USAGE.

Past Wordle answers: The full list

Below you'll find a list of every Wordle so far - all 604 of them (and counting!)

I've organised them by month, making it easy to browse them. And if you're trying to find out whether a specific word has already been an answer, there are easy ways to do that:

  • Windows: click CTRL+F
  • macOS: click CMD+F
  • iOS: click Share (the box with the arrow), then 'Find on page'
  • Android: click the three dots in the top-right then 'Find in page'

Right, on with the list - starting with yesterday's answer.

Past Wordle answers: February 2023

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Past Wordle answers: October 2022

Past Wordle answers: September 2022

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Past Wordle answers: Days with two answers

On which days have there been two Wordle answers?

One of the key things about Wordle is that everyone gets the same answer each day. Or is it? There have been four occasions when the game has served up two different solutions, causing no end of consternation among players.

The first two were victims of the New York Times' purchase of the game in February 2022. The NYT removed around a dozen words that it decided were too difficult for players, or that were in some way controversial.

However, at that time people could play either via the NYT's games site, or via the original Wordle website created by Josh Wardle. And unfortunately, the changes made by the NYT didn't always filter through correctly to the original version.

The result was that on February 15, 2022 some people got AROMA and some the much harder AGORA for puzzle #241. Then on March 30, the same thing happened with STOVE and HARRY for game #284; the NYT thought people would only consider HARRY to be a name, and not a verb (as in to harrass), so it removed it.

The problem reoccurred in May 2022. On May 10 (game #324), the NYT removed the word FETUS in the wake of the US Supreme Court's decision to repeal Roe vs Wade, deeming it too controversial. Instead, most players got SHINE. The next day, some players got GECKO while others received BUTCH, due to the NYT's servers not yet having reset for everyone from the previous day's change.

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