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Pikmin 4 on Switch: release date, trailers, gameplay and more

Pikmin 4, the next entry in Nintendo's real-time strategy series, is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch this July – so it's time to get our gardening gloves on.

Pikmin 4 is a puzzle game that sees you landing on earth as a minuscule space traveler who must raise plant-like creatures called Pikmin to fight against enemies and secure treasure. This new series entry promises a bunch of brand-new gameplay features as well as some fun new friends that'll shake up the way you play.

There's a lot to get excited about. What to know more? We’ve gathered all the news and confirmed details surrounding Pikmin 4 below. 

Pikmin 4: cut to the chase 

  • What is it? The next entry in Nintendo's real-time strategy series
  • When can I play it? July 21, 2023
  • What can I play it on? Nintendo Switch 

Pikmin 4 release date and platforms

Pikmin 4: back garden location

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Pikmin 4 will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo OLED, and Nintendo Switch Lite on July 21, 2023. 

Pikmin 4 trailers

Latest trailer

The latest trailer for Pikmin 4 was showcased during the February 2023 Nintendo Direct. This second trailer shows off some new gameplay elements and a deeper look at the world that we will explore as the leader of the Pikmin. 

The trailer shows a new way to deploy Pikmin, new Pikmin variants, and even a furry friend that'll help us on our journey. There's also a quick look at the environments and the location that you'll have to traverse.

More trailers

If you want to find out more about Pikmin 4 and the colorful companions that'll help you on your journey you can find all of these over at Nintendo of America's official YouTube channel

Pikmin 4 story and setting

Pikmin 4: leader with a group of pikmin

(Image credit: Nintendo)

There's not much to Pikmin 4's narrative as it stands. Given it's a real-time strategy game, puzzles are your greatest focus instead of a storyline. 

However, Pikmin 4 does have a loose story that was set up in previous games. Previously, in Pikmin 3, the inhabitants of your home planet Koppai suffered from a serious famine. In order to save the starving population you and some other explorers were sent out to collect seeds. This is where you first encounter the Pikmin who help you in your endeavor. 

Pikmin 4 builds off this narrative. While in search of new seeds, some of your fellow tiny travelers have become lost. It's your job to find the castaways that are scattered throughout this unknown world and bring them back to safety. 

Pikmin 4 gameplay

Pikmin 4: leader with a group of pikmin and fire

(Image credit: Nintendo)

As a real-time strategy game, Pikmin 4 revolves around puzzles. You'll use various types of Pikmin to scale obstacles, fight enemies, and collect treasure that can be used to build up your base. 

Pikmin 4 is filled with new features that are set to make this RTS game a thrilling addition to the series. Pikmin 4 adds a new mechanic to deploy Pikmin as well as a camera option that is now much closer to the ground. There's also brand-new nighttime gameplay.

However, the star of the show has to be the new Ice Pikmin that can freeze enemies as well as water, which you and your group of Pikmin can then walk over. You'll be able to find a limited supply of these critters in caves, like the white and purple Pikmin.

There's also a new dog-like companion named Oatchi. Like the Ice Pikmin, this pooch allows you to traverse over water by carrying you and your Pikmin on his back. Oatchi can also help protect weaker Pikmin, fight off enemies, and break through large obstacles. 

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