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Sony reportedly working on PS5 earbuds that could rival Apple Airpods

Sony is allegedly developing wireless gaming earbuds specifically for the PS5. Codenamed Project Nomad, these in-ear headphones could bring a premium audio experience to a much smaller size on the console. 

Sony is the maker of some of the best headphones on the market right now, a pedigree that lends credence to Insider Gaming’s reports of new earbuds in the works. It’s been cited that the battery life is expected to last five hours which is on par with what you can expect from the Apple Airpods when utilizing spatial surround sound, which the PS5 also supports. 

As expected, the product is slated to use USB C which would mean easily being able to be charged through the front port on the PS5 console. As with some of the best earbuds, such as Sony’s WF-1000XM4 and WF-1000XM3, Project Nomad looks to be able to charge through the case for quick charging away from the cable. 

No concrete release window has been given aside from the end of FY23 which means we could see an announcement any time from April of this year to March 2024. The move makes sense on Sony’s part, given how the PlayStation parent company has stepped up in its audio efforts in recent months. 

There’s not only been a push into the best PS5 headsets on the part of the manufacturer, but also a branching out into the realm of the best PC gaming headsets, too with the Sony InZone series. On the premium side of things, the Sony InZone H9 has attempted to bridge the gap between both platforms, offering more versatility than the Pulse 3D headset

Few details have been shared on exactly what quick charging can be expected from Project Nomad on the performance side of things. We could wind up with anything from a rebranded version of the WF-1000 line, to something more specialist that could incorporate the stellar Tempest 3D AudioTech in the small form factor. 

Ultimately the price and features of this new product will determine the success of Sony’s attempt to break into the world of the best gaming earbuds on PS5. There’s certainly the pedigree and the proven track record to make Project Nomad work if it ever gets officially announced. To me, the project’s biggest potential strength is how it could work with PSVR 2 as an ideal companion to the upcoming virtual reality headset. 

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