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Everwild: everything we know so far

Everwild offers a gorgeous combination of magic and nature, promising a gorgeous world full of wonders. 

Rare, the studio behind Sea of Thieves, has revealed a brand new IP with its own distinctive art style and naturalistic premise. Though we know little about the game so far, the trailers reveal a refreshing emphasis on magic, fantastical animals and symbiotic relationships. Players take on the role of Eternals, special individuals connected to the rhythm of the natural world; a bond they cultivate through ritual, exploration, and bonds of companionship. 

Given that Rare is owned by Microsoft, it is likely that we'll see the game on Xbox Series X|S and PC. It is also possible that, like Sea of Thieves, we'll see Everwild join Xbox Game Pass's impressive library of titles, once it comes out. Rare has proven that it's more than capable of handling games that emphasize exploration and adventure, and we can't wait to see how Everwild turns out.  

Everwild: cut to the chase

  • What is it? A brand new game from the Rare, the makers of Sea of Thieves
  • When can I play it? TBC
  • What can I play it on? Xbox Series X|S and PC

Everwild release date and platforms

Everwild screenshot

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Rare still hasn't confirmed the Everwild release date, but it's been claimed that the developer is now "optimistically" targeting a 2024 release date following a reboot.

A report by VGC claims that Everwild has been rebooted with a new creative director and a tentative 2024 release window, with the game's initial design having been "started from scratch". But according to Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty, speaking with Kinda Funny in October 2021, words like "reset" and "restructure" sound "more definite and a little more extreme" than the reality of the situation.

Everwild now seems to be back on track, though, with Booty stating during the interview that the Rare team "don't want to keep things hidden for too long".

It'll be a while before we get our hands on Everwild, though we do know the game will be an Xbox exclusive. It's coming to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC, also available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on day one.

Everwild trailers

Latest trailer

Rare's second Everwild trailer was released during the Xbox Games Showcase in July 2020 and revealed more of Everwild's magical world and peculiar creatures, and also introduced us to 'Eternals', the player characters.

While this trailer gives us a closer look at Everwild's world, and highlights that the game seems to hinge on humans and nature working together, it didn't shed much light on the game's actual narrative – or what its gameplay will involve.

It's worth remembering that, given reports of a reboot, it's unclear how much of what's shown here will be in the final game, but it's still a lovely trailer to watch. 

More trailers

Additional trailers, including the Official Everwild Reveal Trailer can be found on Rare's YouTube channel. There's also a fascinating Directors' Commentary which shows off the creative process behind the Eternals trailer which is well worth a watch.

Everwild news

Everwild concept art

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox Studios head comments on Everwild's future
Speaking with Kinda Funny in October 2021, Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty explained that using words like "reset" and "restructure" sound "more definite and a little more extreme" than the reality of the situation.

"What is Rare known for?" Booty said. "They're known for creating new IP and creating worlds. I'll say when you look at it from the outside, when you hear words like 'reset' and maybe 'restructure,' those are probably a little more definite and a little more extreme than what really happens as a game comes to life."

"There are some days where you're just terrified," Booty added. "'What are they making? How is this ever going to come together?' Then you balance that out with a day later, this build comes together and you're like 'this is magic.'"

Everwild is likely years away.
Xbox-exclusive Everwild is still in the early stages of development and it could be a while before we get the chance to play it. In fact, speaking on a VGC Off the Record podcast, industry reporter and head of Chris Dring said that the game’s release, along with other announced Xbox exclusives, could be many years down the line.

Based on conversations he’s had with employees at Xbox Game Studios, Dring said,  “Those games that they announced - Everwild, Perfect Dark, Fable - are so far away. As in, there might even be a new Xbox (a mid-tier upgrade) by the time those games come out.

They are so far away, and no wonder Xbox is looking at investing and signing certain products at the minute, because they don’t have a lineup of big exclusives at all.”

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