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The Xbox Elite Series 2 is getting some eye-catching color schemes

The Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller is finally getting alternate colorways, and you'll be able to buy them very soon.

Available from April 11, the Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers' Core variant will be purchasable in either vibrant red or blue color schemes. These versions of the pad come in at $139.99 / £124.99, which is $10 / £10 pricier than the standard white version.

The Core version of this 'Pro' adjacent Xbox Series X|S controller is identical to the more expensive Xbox Elite Series 2. However, it does not include extras like swappable sticks, back paddles, a charging dock, or a carry case. Instead, you can buy the Complete Component Pack separately, which includes all the above for $59.99 / £54.99. 

The price works out about the same this way, but the Core pad is a good option if you're not too fussed about the Elite Series 2's accessories.

Sonic (and Mario) Colors

Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller

(Image credit: Xbox / Microsoft)

While the vibrant red and blue might seem like obvious, or uninspired, color choices here, they are at least more options for a controller that, until now, only had one standard white finish. That is if you don't want to pay extra for a custom controller aesthetic via Xbox Design Lab.

I do quite like the choices of color, but part of me wishes the D-pad and face buttons were black or at least a different shade of red and blue to contrast better against the controller's casing. This is sort of the case with the white Core controller, which features a metallic, off-white shade on the d-pad, and I think it looks great.

Two more color choices is a good start, but I hope Microsoft has plans for more color schemes further down the line. The Xbox Wireless Controller has a vast number of alternate color schemes, from basic primary colors to flashier designs such as the cosmic Lunar Shift and the funky, translucent Forza Horizon 5 version.

Ultimately, though, if you're looking for the full 'Pro' controller experience, I'd still recommend buying the standard Xbox Elite Series 2 controller with all the bells and whistles. Swappable sticks and back paddles alone add tons of customizability to your playstyle, and the pad feels a little lacking without them.

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