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Blizzard could be summoning another Diablo 4 open beta before launch

Been pining for more time with Diablo 4 before its 6 June launch? Blizzard might just be on the same wavelength.

In response to a fan stating they'd love more time with Diablo 4, the game's official Twitter account responded with a cheeky "that can be arranged." Naturally, this sparked speculation that the anticipated hack-n-slash could receive another open beta period before launch.

This comes soon after Blizzard's confirmation of a Diablo 4 livestream, taking place later today (April 20) at 11am PST / 8pm BST. According to the official Twitter account, this developer update stream will detail Diablo 4's endgame, address feedback from the first open beta, and more. That "more" could be details of new areas, bosses and playable classes or, hopefully, confirmation of a second open beta.

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A devilishly good time

I'm personally hoping we do get a second open beta for Diablo 4. While I was only able to play the first solo, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game's early chapters. Opting for the Sorcerer class, I felt significantly more powerful than I did in the early hours of Diablo 3, so I feel the fourth entry is well on track to best the excellent Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls experience.

I'm also a big fan of the art direction this time around. The gritty overtones and buckets of gore sell the world of Diablo better than Blizzard's usually stylized aesthetics ever did. It's quite reminiscent of the very first Diablo title, and I'm all for it.

Diablo 4's release date of June 6 (June 2 if you've bought into early access), isn't a million miles away. But fans are clearly enthusiastic to savor the game just one more time before launch. And I really do hope a second open beta comes to fruition. Not just because I enjoy the game, but also because Street Fighter 6 is out on June 2. Sorry Blizzard, but that's taking priority for me.

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