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Diablo 4 is going hardcore with one feature that’ll make you cry

Global community development director, Adam Fletcher, confirmed that Diablo 4 is following in the footsteps of Diablo 2 by including permadeath. 

Replying to a fan who had asked what dying in Diablo 4’s PvP hardcore mode would mean for players, Fletcher simply responded to the tweetwith one word, “permadeath”. This has sent some newer fans into a bit of a panic as many start to plan how to avoid the Fields of Hatred and PvP altogether in fear of overly aggressive players. 

Anyone can enter the Fields of Hatred in Diablo 4’s open world, and once in, players will be at the mercy of monsters and their fellow fans. Killing other RPG players is actually encouraged, as you can collect Shards of Hatred and gain the Fearless Combatant achievement by killing 10 players in PvP hardcore mode.  

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Living life on the edge  

For many, the allure of hardcore modes is just too good to pass up. There’s definitely some clout in raging around the Fields of Hatred and ruining someone’s day by unaliving their preciously built character or sneaking about to find the coveted vendors living in PvP zones. Still, it’s also so much more than that. 

Whether it be in Minecraft or The Last of Us Part 2, I love looking for ways to make my experience realistic and, therefore, ten times harder. While it can seriously hurt seeing your character and all your progress disappear before your eyes in mere moments, the pride you feel by living life on the edge and succeeding despite all the difficulties makes it all worth it. 

I’d never pass up a chance to get a little more hardcore in the upcoming Diablo 4, but be warned; it isn’t for the faint of heart, and you can trust no one. So for those who want to take a more casual approach to the action RPG, maybe stick to the more traditional game modes.  

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