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I can't believe I'm this jealous of Japan's new Final Fantasy 16 PS5 bundle

Sony has announced a wonderful addition to Final Fantasy 16’s upcoming release in the form of a PS5 bundle. 

Fans can spice up their collection with a sleek black PS5 adorned with the Final Fantasy 16 logo of Eikson Phoenix and Ifrit in battle in gold. Along with these minimalist face plates, players will get a specially designed controller and a code for the highly anticipated action RPG. 

However, this good news isn’t for everyone. Fans in Japan can get their hands on this limited-edition bundle from the release date of June 22, but everyone else will be stuck with the now uninteresting regular PS5 Final Fantasy 16 Bundle that won’t include any special artwork.

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PS4 Slim

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This isn’t the first time Sony has released a Japan-exclusive bundle. In the past, there’s been beautifully creepy NieR: Automata PS4 Slim consoles with Elim’s giant face plastered on it and colorful Persona 4-themed PS Vita Slim covers released. All of which never became available outside of Japan. 

Sony is, of course, a Japanese company, but before the PS2, there hadn’t been any console variations, not like the ones we see today. While some variations are available in countries outside of Japan, many fans tend to miss out on the coolest ones. 

While it may take a while for me to get over the loss of such a cool custom PS5, there hasn’t been anything to confirm that we won’t see this spectacular Final Fantasy 16-themed bundle selling outside Japan in the future. So fingers crossed. 

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