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The Last of Us PC port gets a fix from Nvidia – but its biggest problem remains

The Last of Us Part I has caused quite a stir with its PC port, and for all the wrong reasons, with gamers on Steam being seriously unhappy with the state of the remake.

Complaints are wide-ranging and pertain to all manner of performance issues with the port, as well as visual or interface glitches, and instability in general – but the good news is that at least some of those bugbears have been stamped out.

The main fix, which will come as a relief to those playing the game with an RTX 3000 graphics card, is a hotfix (v531.58) issued by Nvidia to be applied to its Game Ready Driver 531.41.

This fixes instances of random crashes during The Last of Us Part I when playing with an RTX 3000 (Ampere) GPU.

Naughty Dog has also deployed a patch for the PC port that fixes some other crashes, including one that could happen upon launching the game, and another at the end of the game (not a very pleasing symmetry, you could say).

There’s also a resolution for an issue whereby PC gamers using an Xbox controller could experience the stick input failing to register for a short amount of time, which again sounds like a pretty aggravating bug (along the lines of ‘argh, I’m dead again’).

Analysis: Mouse trap

We’d suggest you don’t hang about installing both hotfixes that have just been released, and RTX 3000 owners will doubtless be much happier post-fix, as random crashing is one of the most annoying glitches out there.

While these fixes are welcome, of course, The Last of Us Part I should never have been released with this whole boatload of problems in the first place. There’s still plenty more work to be done, sadly.

A notable problem that remains is camera jitters relating to mouse movement, again a seriously frustrating issue, and one that was supposed to be cured with this freshly released hotfix.

However, that didn’t happen, and Naughty Dog notes that the solution caused unexpected problems elsewhere, so the fix has been delayed until the coders can sort out whatever other dominoes clattered over when it was applied.

That mouse bug is one that’s making the port unplayable for some folks, and worryingly, there are disturbing rumblings on Twitter about Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection having similar mouse glitching that still hasn’t been fixed. Come on, Naughty Dog – get your skates on and sort this out.

We’ve also been told that the developer is continuing to work towards Steam Deck verification (although really, that can wait until a whole lot of other mess is cleared up first).

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