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Don't miss this incredible Humble Bundle featuring Capcom's best games

The latest Humble Bundle is essential for Capcom fans, as it features up to ten of the publishers' best games at a ludicrously discounted price.

If you're after something to tide you over until The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launches tomorrow, then I highly recommend checking out this latest Humble Bundle: the Capcom Heroic Collection. For as little as just $1 / £0.80, you can pick up four esteemed Capcom titles for Steam. Those are Mega Man Legacy Collection, Strider, Lost Planet 3, and Bionic Commando: Rearmed.

Up your pledge to $10 / £8 to receive an additional three games: Mega Man 11, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, and the utterly brilliant Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. Lastly, pledging $30 / £24 adds the final three games of the bundle. Those are Monster Hunter Rise, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy.

That brings the total number of Capcom games in this Humble Bundle to ten. Or if you're meticulous and count every game in each individual collection, you end up with close to 40 titles for less than half the price of one AAA release. Hard to argue with value for money like that. 

Blue bombing

Even the lower tiers of this Capcom Humble Bundle are well worth looking at. Even if you're not a Mega Man fan, Strider is an excellent metroidvania titles from the folks who developed Killer Instinct (2013), one of our picks for the best fighting games.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is an equally high recommendation; a deeply ambitious action-RPG that now has a sequel in the works. But it's the highest tier that scores the home run. Monster Hunter Rise is brilliant, while the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection provides a faithful compilation of Capcom's 90s arcade classics. Lastly, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is essential for fans of high-stakes murder mystery with charming characters and gripping courtroom drama.

It's an all-round fantastic Humble Bundle, and arguably one of the best value collections since its earliest days. I remember paying pennies for bundles that included games like Bastion, World of Goo and VVVVVV, all of which remain some of my favorite indies to this day.

You have until May 25, 2023 to purchase the Capcom Heroic Collection on the official Humble Bundle website. Be sure to check it out before it disappears.

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