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FromSoftware may have been hiding a Bloodborne PC build from us

A well-known Soulsborne data miner, Lance McDonald, has uncovered the possibility of a lost Bloodborne PC port. 

To many fans, it’s still a mystery why FromSoftware never released a Bloodborne PC port, especially when you consider the action RPG's success and that fellow Soulsborne games, Elden Ring and Dark Souls 3, are available on PC.

For years, fans of the gothic RPG have been begging for some sort of remaster, whether for the PS5 or PC. However, as it stands, there has been nothing else to go by other than rumor and weak theories. That was until McDonald shared some very interesting findings in a Twitter post. 

McDonald described screenshots from the Bloodborne wiki page which show the game's “windows build” created by the title's environment artist Macros Domenech. To rub salt in the wound, these images didn’t even come from an earlier development. Instead, thanks to the loading icon in the corner, you can tell these images are from Bloodborne’s full retail release. This means that a PC port was like being worked on throughout development.  

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While this is a significant discovery for all the fans who have been clamouring for a PC build of Bloodborne for years, this is unfortunately not something to get too excited over. As these images were uploaded several years ago, they are unlikely to be teasing anything in particular. 

However, as the screenshots are from Bloodborne’s DLC, Fishing Hamlet, it likely means that someone in development has a functional PC build of the entire game plus extra content. It is unclear why, with all of the work done, Bloodborne is still unavailable on PC. At this point it's probably something to do with the licensing agreement between Sony and FromSoft, who collaborated on the game's development. 

Despite being somewhat frustrating, this discovery is the first proof in years that a Bloodborne PC build was in production, let alone already complete. While we may have to wait for a little while longer, hopefully, one day, we’ll be able to see Bloodborne in higher quality and better specs while sitting across from a PC.  

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