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PS Plus outshines Xbox Game Pass this month with some of the best PS5 games

PS Plus Game Catalog is continuing to gather momentum, as some high-profile PS5 games make their way to the service next week. 

It's an all-star month for the PS5, that's for sure, as a total of 24 games will be available to users on May 16 at the standard PS Plus subscription rate. There are some real gems here, including some of the very best PS5 games such as Rachet and Clank: Rift Apart and Watchdogs: Legion.  

Where to start with Rachet and Clank: Rift Apart? The latest in the long-running tongue-in-cheek action platformer benefits from the PS5's power with non-existent loading times and stunning visuals behind its fun setting and outlandish adventure. It's one of the rare first-party games exclusive to the console and lacks a PS4 version, so now is the best time to see what all the hype's about if you missed it back in 2021.

Watchdogs has always been a divisive franchise. The open-world hacker-centric sandbox took another wildly new direction with the third entry in the series, transporting you from the rainy and windy streets of Chicago to the sun-bleached beaches of San Francisco, and now to London in the UK. It's a bold change, but not as big as the alterations to the core gameplay loop in Watchdogs: Legion, which involves recruiting NPC civilians as playable characters to build a resistance army instead of having a set-in-stone protagonist like Aiden Pearce or Marcus Holloway. 

Of course, there's far more coming to PS Plus than just these PS5 games. Arkane fans can wash the bad taste of Redfall out of their mouths with Dishonored 2 and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. The endlessly replayable immersive sims offer some of the best level design, characters, and combat in modern gaming. 

For the full list of titles making their way to the Xbox Game Pass rival, you can check out the recent PlayStation Blog post. I've argued in the past that, roughly a year after the relaunch, PS Plus finally gives Xbox Game Pass a run for its money. If Sony can keep charging ahead by bringing excellent games and big releases to its subscription service, then it's genuinely going to be hard for Microsoft to keep up. Other notable releases for this month include the newest Tomb Raider trilogy, The Evil Within 2, and Humanity; a real winning month if I've ever seen one which should keep us playing for some time to come! 

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